eFOLDi scoots onto TV with first ever commercial

7th August 2018

Winner of British Invention of the year, eFOLDi, has assembled its first ever TV commercial with Space City

eFOLDi Has launched its first ever TV advert to broadcasters after using Space City to produce its debut commercial with the UK’s number one company.

After creating a live-action shoot concept for the award winners, 30, 20 and 10-second versions of the creative were chosen to showcase the electric folding scooter in its debut TV appearance.

Utilising a variety of transition shots, the advert showcased the device’s versatility with the eFOLDi user superimposed into a variety of locations including an airport, cruise ship and beach.

Using special effects and transition shots, the process of assembling the eFOLDi was showcased during the opening shots in the ad, with the complete consumer journey concluded by the packing up process, too – all within a 30-second creative.

Conveying the ease and convenience of using the scooter was the ultimate campaign aim, with other product virtues showcased in roundels — so to not distract from the product showcase — which was imperative given it was the company’s first appearance on TV.

Actor and product cost-effective TV commercial production from Space City
The absence of sync-sound ensured the eFoldi commercial production could embed engrain brand in consumers.

The advertising production was filmed across various external locations in Hammersmith and Ravenscourt Park, London, with green screen footage shot within Space City’s bespoke casting studio.

For its initial broadcast test, the ad will air exclusively on ITV1, with other spots to be decided after this initial period.

After winning the British Invention of the Year award, eFOLDi also enjoyed product endorsements from business tycoon, Richard Branson, and Jason Bradbury, star of Channel 5’s, The Gadget Show.

London commercials producer, Space City, is the UK’s most cost-effective TV advertising production company and rose a further seven places in Campaign Magazine’s agency rankings in 2018.

You can watch Space City’s debut TV advertising production for the innovators here, while you can find out about the London production company’s other projects via this link.

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