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26th May 2017

BUDGET Is the operative concern for many companies, by converging both traditional and digital means of advertising you can ensure absolute control.

The relentless pursuit of TV by online has led to somewhat of an advertising paradox: in order to continue strengthening it needs to collaborate with TV, its previous nemesis.

With advertising budget being syphoned off of TV and increasingly absorbed by online ad means, the clamour for measurability and granular consumer data has led to a distorted success picture.

While online has indeed provided an advertising solution that yields relatively strong results in turn with unrivalled attribution, it has yet to provide the display, levels of trust and stimuli that has underpinned TV’s supremacy.

The overriding issue marketers have had when trying to justify TV to their superiors is the subject or cost and realtime attribution.

Although TV has continued unabating in its ability to engage wider and more populated audiences than online, notwithstanding the fact it also delivers higher sales and more efficiency, TV has been playing catch-up to the online fraternity as it attempted to pour scorn on the online revolution.

However neither tact from online or TV is prudent or commercially viable as they seek to optimise their respective strengths.

In terms of harvesting consumers, indexing them in CRMs, boosting inventory and improving consumer understanding online continues to offer superiority.

Amid the relentless evolution war though, TV is beginning to offer ample competitive diversity to show businesses of all sizes that their advertising budget is better invested in TV.

Your advertising budget can now go further with the advances in analytics, actionable data and automation.
Your advertising budget can now go further with the advances in analytics, actionable data and automation.

With TV centric means of analysing from Adalyser, the providers of the first ever realtime, dynamic means of delivering automated TV advertising campaigns, the relevance to your business from an expedience point-of-view is unprecedented.

This new means of orchestrating your advertising ensures that efficiency essential is in a state of perpetual optimisation, with a reduction in play-outs indicative of an inefficient ad or targeting strategy.

Thus as well as providing the insurance policy that will protect your business from over-delivering an underperforming ad, it ensures you can optimise future campaigns and who you target.

What needs to be developed though is the ability to gather inventory, or have the ability to merge separate analytics software to create a more granular data proposition, one that can utilise budget by providing names, addresses, locations that will be vital in the data procurement stage.

While Google have already stated they will be willing to liaise with exterior analytics providers to offer their own customers a more detailed advertising picture, one that can illustrate all detail rather than just the selective data that individual pieces of software may provide, this format is seemingly another step towards heightening the advertising paradox.

Although immensely useful from TV’s perspective as it seeks to garner advertising budget back from online, in terms of making life easier for your business, a tact of further collaboration will be necessary to avoid businesses, tech companies and consumers paying too much for a compromised service.

From the progressive perspective then ensuring in future that the OpenAP philosophy adopted by fellow TV practitioners, Fox, Viacom and Turner is the tact executed by other analytics, data and media buying firms is imperative to true industry progression.

In the meantime though this progress cannot be underestimated in terms of providing your business with advertising control and transparency, unprecedented within TV.

Thus with the means to improve your advertising efficiency and have awareness of your spots shifting in realtime, adapting your online advertising is imperative.

With the progression of actionable technology that can circumvent the presence of ad blocking, server side ad insertion can be utilised to manipulate spots that maybe altered organically as a result of your TV campaign’s success.

In terms of your universal budget, both online and TV will ultimately become more efficient, by striving towards blockchain and the ability to access an ever increasing cache of data, your business will have the ability to align online spots to compliment your TV advertising and potentially vice versa.

Through the ever more collaborative advertising world, you can take your ad budget further with TV and online.
Through the ever more collaborative advertising world, you can take your ad budget further with TV and online.

Factoring in the rise in interactive, data driven TV sets and the power that they have exerted thus far with addressable or programmatic campaigns, added to the ability to change broadcast spots in realtime and you have an advertising portfolio that compliments your consumers and budgets perfectly.

Of course there are creative factors that carry great weighting regarding the overall success in comparison to similarly delivered campaigns, some that can improve resonation in turn with short and long-term sales.

For example as you look to elicit short-term sales, which carry the greatest pertinence to the delivery of more adjustable, efficiency delivered campaigns, conversation can carry great leverage towards the impact an ad will make.

Ads that chose to mobilise their overall creative through increased conversation elicit 10% increases in responses.

Therefore as you look to immerse your consumers in the desired outcome of the ad, simulating the very call-to-action you are looking to elicit is something oft-repeated in our production company.

It creates a subjective situation, one that is devoid of confusion, one in the world of delivering to more highly targeted audiences will and has elicited more sales, with growth in some quarters as much as 600%.

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