EU ruling will stimulate advertising

20th March 2017

AFTER THERESA May officially confirmed the UK’s intention to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and leave the EU, advertising can enjoy more consistent spend once again.

Having seen only slight growth in TV advertising revenue during 2016, spend is expected to return toward an upward trajectory- inflation neutralised- during 2017.

Ambivalence and bureaucracy proceeded the market uncertainty regarding the long term budgetary outlooks of brands across the UK.

However amid the judgement that will herald the commencement of formal talks to leave the EU, your business now has increased stability in the knowledge of the timing of the UK’s withdrawal.

Inflation is expected to increase this year with interest rates expected to concur, however that does not mean ad spend will need to be curtailed; on the contrary the focus on increased brand-based advertising needs to take precedence.

With disposable income stretched during what is set to be a transition process of at least three years, the effectiveness of direct response will dwindle while the desire to save is assumed through 2017 and beyond.

According to Nielson, a TV advertising analytic group, investment in TV fell by 18 per cent within the finance sector.

Uncertainty amid the UK's EU exit has precipitated a weakness in the Pound.
Uncertainty amid the UK’s EU exit has precipitated a weakness in the Pound.

This conflates to a Brexit derived decision, given the fact that the the pound has dipped by 15 per cent against leading currencies like the US Dollar and Euro since the referendum last year.

Therefore with future fiscal rulings only offering greater clarity, as appose to the indefinite timeline of EU withdrawal.

As a result looking towards cultivating and maintaining lasting resonation and rapport with consumers will be imperative to the growth prospects of companies focusing on their UK markets.

Of course DRTV will remain integral to many businesses who work to a modular cycle: the prerogative now though will be to ply resources into understanding your consumers and timing the broadcast of your ads more diligently.

This can be achieved through the utilisation of contemporary techniques such as allying broadcaster inventory and market data to your campaign.

Automation has become far more ubiquitous as your business looks to create and broadcast content that is likely to resonate.

The perceived adverse effects of TV advertising compared to online has been the lack of measurability and accountability to the given campaign.

Ultimately though TV now offers real-time, actionable data that can be quantified directly to your TV ads, quashing any notion of inherent difficulty in attributing success to them.

TV and online as a partnership provide the most successful results, efficiency, sales and cost effectiveness, with 45 per cent improved ROI as a result of deploying both means.

Therefore the greatest mistake your business could make in 2017 is not focusing on a omni-platform advertising programme.

To generate your short and long-term audience you need TV, while online is a greater harvester of those consumers you accrue.

Interest rates and inflation should rise amid the UK's EU exit, prompting brand based content.
Interest rates and inflation should rise amid the UK’s EU exit, prompting brand based content.

Thus amid a paradigm where the need to generate long-term rapport is vital, having a brand that is memorable, emotive and informative is paramount.

To generate this it is key to avoid trying to persuade your consumers or deploy scaremongering techniques, entertaining them will enable your brand to be memorable.

Only five-seven direct response ads will live beyond the immediate short-term memory, therefore amid high competition, focusing on creative that entertains consumers would be more pertinent.

On balance though if you have the capacity as a company to focus your direction on brand driven campaigns, your fortunes throughout the Brexit process will be far smoother, profitable and determinable.

Ahead of the new financial year in April, inflation will have to rise amid the fall in the value of the Pound: for it to recover though interest rates will need to rise, which will hamper public spending.

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