Growth tips to prolong impact post Christmas

12th December 2016

FIVE Techniques to ensure you keep your brand mobilised and growth favourable? It can be a lot easier through simplifying your campaigns.

First and foremost generating a brand voice is imperative to immersing your audience with  a degree of resonance with your company.

Some of the most successful TV ads of recent times which feature a voice as appose to sales prerogative, have seen awareness increase profoundly in comparison to ads which focus on an issue based campaign.

For example Sainsbury’s ad featuring references and cooperation between them and The Great Ormond Street Hospital; anecdotally at least has seen mass anonymity amongst consumers-they were aware of the ad, but could not associate it with Sainsbury’s.

In contrast the power of the John Lewis Christmas campaign has encapsulated the time it was been appealing to: its values, emotions and expectations, aiding growth.

One difficulty many have had though is to create a prolonged campaign that maintains consistent appeal all-year-round.

Finding the niche for your branding is vital to growth.
Finding the niche for your branding is vital to growth.

Therefore identify the USP of your product or service and maximise it to the full; do not be coaxed into the mistake of trying to directly compare yourself to your competitors: celebrate what is unique about your brand and relate to your target market.

Secondly from a psychological perspective many people automatically desire to reject what advertisers are attempting to impose on them.

However if you use an alternative conduit for this message, for instance an animal or other form of escapism in general, you allow the consumer to relate to your product or service in such a contextual light, creating the positive connotations you desire.

The most successful adverts of all time have all centred around empowering the consumer through escapism or innovation.

This brings us no to the third point on the TV advertising checklist: originality.

By focusing on your own USP and a phrase, jingle, or story which embodies your ethos you can organically forge a resonance with your audience.

Moreover if you are a SME and looking to become a market leader, the cardinal sin from an e-commerce perspective would be to try and besmirch your competitors, or take them on financially.

A bitter tongue does not taste success is a phrase we adopt when looking develop innovative, fresh content that can enchant new audiences and grow companies.

By attempting to usurp your larger rivals you will be swiftly dispatched by them through a larger and more damaging campaign against you.

Fourthly the need to understand how your audience is going to interact with your brand after viewing your TV commercial.

With the improvements made with semantics and using them to fundamentally tailor your language within your ad, as well as after, when an audience may seek to engage with your company online.

By knowing how your audience engages with web, your branding on TV can be relevant as well as intuitive to what your consumers desire.

In addition, relating to current affairs in your ads is always wins firm favour commercially when looking to create an annual mood to your campaign, however should not form the cornerstone of your brand.

Finally to complete your path to annual growth, implementing a brand ethos which centres around a jingle is a surefire way to immerse your consumer in who you are, eliciting more in the way of coincidental spending.

Space City has springboard many companies over the last 25 years, featuring jingles at the heart of the campaign.

GoCompare!, Moonpig, National Homebuyers to name but a few have been elevated to national fame through the creative flair of the company.

Space City can take your company to new heights of growth.
Space City can take your company to new heights of growth.

Having a niche that belongs to you ensures your company has more than just the product or service you offer to persuade consumers.

Furthermore given such a globalised world we live in, it would be potentially detrimental to any brand to focus on national sentiments or stereotypes in ads to form its image.

Besides the potential audience you may deter, it inhibits future scope to change the brand image as a result.

Overall though these steps ensure that growth can be imposed progressively without confusing your potential audience, or leaving your brand anonymous within such a competitive industry.

Ensuring your brand and message is subjective and unambiguous can create the transparency that is vital to conveying the correct message to your existing audience and beyond.

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