Framd launches new TV advert with Space City

27th April 2018

The UK’s new zero-commission art platform, Framd has arrived on TV with its debut advert produced by the award-winning Space City Productions

FRAMD, the UK’s first zero-commission art platform, has launched its debut TV advert in partnership with Space City Productions.

The advert showcases the company’s app via a humourous narrative centred around the renowned artists, Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin.

An exasperated and disconsolate van Gogh is comforted by the arriving Gauguin, who informs him that the chances of selling his paintings can be improved through the nascent art-app.

Focusing on the experiential juxtaposition between 1888 Arles and the modern day innovations of Framd, the advert is underscored by the meticulous set-build that ensures of connotational resonance elicited through the ubiquitous traits of the era and artists.

The advert will play out across the UK until the end of March 2018 – as a part of an initial effectiveness test by the bourgeoning company.

Actor portraying Vincent van Gogh in Framd Advertisement
Framd features some iconic screenplay relating to Vincent van Gogh’s life.

Creative Director of Space City, Victor van Amerongen reiterated the importance of preparing an authentic set for Framd’s first ever advert. He said: “We had the challenge of recreating van Gogh’s studio in Arles in 1888, the period in his life when he was friendly with Gauguin.

“We went to considerable trouble to make sure that the details of the set were accurate.

“The only minor difference is that Gauguin has a mobile phone with the Framd app installed.”

The advert utilised Space City‘s state-of-the-art DaVinci Grading software, which ensured that both clarity and authenticity were imbued on the advert – crucial for an initial brand response commercial’s memorability.

Framd itself offers artists the opportunity to market their work with a £2.50 charge applied per-upload.

The company is also partnering with businesses; allowing them to exhibit local artists’ work, in exchange for being featured on the platform for free.

You can find out more about Framd at, or watch the ad itself by clicking the link, here.

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