Profit is generated with TV advertising

23rd January 2017

PROFIT Is becoming ever more difficult to prise from increased competition amid a fierce market place.

TV adverting has consistently kept its market share of the advertising sector at near identical levels for 25 years.

The appeals of it emanate from its lasting ability to engage mass audiences, as well as targeting specific audiences through targeting.

With the emergence of online though TV has had to innovate and evolve from its rigid, linear guise.

Online now accounts for over 40% of the market, with TV continuing to hold just under 30% of it.

However online owes its growing buying saturation to the success of TV: 60% of all organic online searches are quantified to TV advertising; in short online would not have the same lasting impact without it.

Online as a stand-alone entity generates four times less the sales increases that TV continues to do, inhibiting profit.

Ensure your campaign makes a splash towards profit with TV.
Ensure your campaign makes a splash towards profit with TV.

Ad spend and accountability has led advertisers and marketeers to online, with PPC and less brand heavy content that can be purchased for reduced amounts.

Seniorities’ ability to examine their marketing spend and account how successful their advertising is, ensures that online is increasingly popular due to its optimal efficiency.

TV has evolved in recent months and years to offer similar levels of easy analysis, with programmatic, addressable and interactive ads ensure that advertising is more targeted.

Furthermore this process ensures that media buyers can provide concurrent reports and equations, as a result of automated algorithms that have improved TV’s cost inhibitions and accountability issues.

The primary difference though to online is the focus and ability to engage consumers through the increased visual quality and time TV has to convey your brand message.

Typical TV ads last 10 to 30 seconds depending on the time, while online inherently is inhibited by the fact it is more disruptive, hindering hopes of increasing profit.

Advertising has been an element of the fabric of TV advertising, there is an expectation for it to be there to support broadcasts and shows, with online steps have been taken to remove this distraction.

Consumers’ ability to block and remove ads altogether have accentuated the continued dependability and trust that TV has enjoyed with brands and individuals alike.

Given this is something that people now pay for leaves online and TV with the necessity of changing what advertising means.

Offering something that consumers want to see, not need, is crucial to establishing and asserting the new and successful relationship that TV and online shares.

Online is 30% more successful as an advertising medium when dovetailed to a TV campaign; costs are increased, but yields sales lifts and ultimately profit that more than justifies the expenditure.

Therefore as we enter 2017 the core focus of your overall marketing plan should be to incorporate some form of TV campaign.

The stimulus and focus this offers your potential consumers cannot be replicated online.

Online is immensely successful at maintaining brand awareness, but generating the initial rapport and affirmation with consumers can only be done successfully with TV.

Of course this can take the form of catch-up and on-demand, not necessarily just linear TV.

TV's clarity across different platforms can assist your pursuit of profit.
TV’s clarity across different platforms can assist your pursuit of profit.

Linear TV watching is the same as it was last year and remains a steadfast and robust method of increasing sales, profit and brand awareness on its own.

By incorporating all platforms your audience uses, you can deliver campaigns that will elicit long-term sales.

To understand this steps have been taken to ensure that analysis of language and how it can affect your campaign has taken precedence.

By understanding how your audience searches online and interacts offline will create greater resonation and eliminate ambiguity.

The lack of clarity that online has, notwithstanding the fears of fraud, ensures that TV is best situated to perform this task for your brand.

As a result your company whether a start-up or established entity has to prioritise creative and TV to grow in 2017 and beyond.

Space City has been lauded by media buyers like Guerillascope and clients alike for curating creative that springboards brands to success, no matter what the budget.

Contact the team now and see what TV can do to transform your brands fortunes, ensuring 2017 is a year of profit for your company.


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