Google’s TV ad plans good for industry

25th April 2017

GOOGLE Is launching its second TV and online ad matching service to provide a single vessel for those looking to manage their ad campaigns simultaneously.

By utilising this singular conduit of data your campaigns can theoretically be cross-compared in realtime if you are operating concurrent online and TV campaigns.

This will result in a sub-paradigm shift with that of desiring analytic attribution and scale of audience, to a new one that will embody the competition and diversification between media buyers, production companies and inventory holders.

Although this is not a new ethos in advertising and how you quantify success, it does provide a breakthrough solution for those seeking to marry identical inventory to juxtaposing advertising platforms.

As a result your business will be able to transparently compare the efficiency and effectiveness of the two combined.

Although this would seemingly provide a form of advertising automation and measurement that will monopolise and cause a marketing plateau, it will in fact form the catalyst for improved cost-effectiveness in media buying, quality of advertising content and shift more power away from agencies themselves and broadcasters.

Furthermore with the increased power of utilising VOD in your advertising to improve targeting, display and cost, the need any arrogance those currently at the top may use to subjugate businesses into paying inflated fees for broadcast will be stymied.

Google themselves know such a means of advertising will precipitate such a flurry of volatility in a once stable advertising industry, ensuring though a true meritocratic order will be established once more.

Google has re-established itself as an industry innovator and leader, ensuring TV becomes more scale and attribution dependant.
Google has re-established itself as an industry innovator and leader, ensuring TV becomes more scale and attribution dependant.

While Google will once more harbour a niche that can invigorate their ailing PR in the face of the extremist content scandal, they can now inhabit the inherent credibility of TV while continuing to evolve and dictate the direction of global advertising.

Previously this led to the damning prophecy foretelling the end of TV advertising, but the suffix that did not follow this assertion was that of: as we know it.

Of course TV advertising will ultimately evolve in its creative, buying and display direction as it attempts to provide renewed accessibility, versatility and reach, but all advertising will ultimately follow suit.

Google’s solution to the problem will provide renewed competition for buyers aside from them, with other private entities having to offer a creative driven solutions for success that will incentivise production companies.

While previously an agency could provide a proliferation of competition between production companies to vie for their contacts and links to new clients, it will be such businesses that rise to the fore as they provide the justification of advertising aside from Google, where up to 50% of media buying budget could be saved through the auction based system.

Although that in itself could deter some from risking missing out on their preferred broadcast slots, it is in fact the inventory you will be sacrificing from this system, whereby if this cannot be garnered from an exterior company, focusing on other means of advertising interactively on TV will garner similar results, if not as transparent with your online campaign.

Google has conferred more power to the consumer and your business, as you strive to produce ads that are tailored to your businesses.
Google has conferred more power to the consumer and your business, as you strive to produce ads that are tailored to your customers.

Thus at a time where TV is becoming more accessible to new businesses and SMEs, agencies will have to migrate some what obsequiously towards production companies as they seek to provide content that can lend itself to the low-cost model feasible with Google’ DoubleClick mechanism.

As a result the value production companies hold to agencies will increase given the shift towards sales generating, audience multiplying content that will offer alternative persuasion to that of the lower cost inventory provided by Google.

This will initially transform the interactive, addressable and programmatic media buying market, as the latest shift putting the power back in those generating creative that delivers persists.

Furthermore it will begin to shift the pattern of traditional media buying and ad production, with the clamour for measurability, reach and attribution in tandem increasingly tangible for those advertising interactively.

Therefore as your business seeks to develop more in-depth CRMs that dictate your advertising direction, the quality and approval of advertising will continue to improve, with the continual shift away from intrusive, disruptive advertising ceasing.

In order to generate the correlations between your respective ad performances, your content will have to be increasingly audience and technical based.

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