Google’s latest initiative will boost sales

2nd January 2018

Google’s latest plans to boost its profitability and help businesses have heralded a seminal moment for targeted advertising, but how can you maximise it?

GOOGLE’s New advertising software can ensure of unparalleled levels of relevance to consumers, while providing unrivalled efficiency to TV advertising too.

Through its Double Click Ad Insertion software, businesses will be able to see their ads placed before relevant consumers in realtime – in the wake of actual events or relatable data.

For instance, if you have a TV advertising campaign that is being broadcast and you want to elicit an online call-to-action, your business could ensure the automated ads are in place to react to that, with online adverts that act as follow ups to this.

Of course this is reliant on TVs become ubiquitously more connected, but even having access to broadcast data and media plans can ensure that the timing of online ads is optimal.

With further interaction fostered instantly, the effectiveness of TV as a medium can be illustrated more prominently, while online efficiency will also improve thanks to the cognitive behavioural changes in consumers.

When accessing content online or on TV, the mindset is ultimately different, with a more convenience-driven mind dominating, while with TV it is more open minded to being entertained, informed and immersed in experiences.

Therefore with an amalgamation of both the mindsets, Google’s innovation will ensure that consumers will naturally be more receptive to direct response advertising, notwithstanding any further engagement that can be elicited through your inbound material.

Overall, what is necessary, is for an overall collaboration between Facebook, Google et al to ensure that consumer habits are placated and complimented by advertising that delivers emotive resonance and instant sales.

Wowcher advertising production shoot assisted by Google's online prowess.
Online needs to combine collectively if trust is to be truly maintained after Google’s intervention.

TV and video advertising will perpetually be the vessel for ensuring of those increases in awareness, trust and resonance, but with as a means of generating the appropriate website impressions too, your business can finally utilise online for trust generation.

While this is possible now, the lack of distinction between fraudulent ads, content, and fake news, have served to haemorrhage the scant volumes of trust that currently inhabit the online sphere.

If the verification processes were made more transparent, users became more involved with social media and content appraisal, trust would naturally increase, but with such doubts and inconsistencies an overriding sense of apathy has pervaded many quarters of the web – damaging the news industry and creating the divisive mindset that is pernicious to sales and trust.

Google’s new and previous tact, though, have ensured that the consumer or user is at the heart of any potential transaction or level of engagement.

It is dependent on actual experiences or events that may affect the consumer’s life – forging the emotive link that is imperative to trust being increased and sales flourishing.

Even based on forecasting data, the information provided can link to certain key algorithms or company’s that could provide ads to better the life or convenience of the consumer in that moment – boosting ecommerce and helping researchers and smaller institutions monetise their work.

With such a wide and encompassing economic boost, jobs will be created and the pool of consumers available to businesses will only grow.

The example therefore has been set, yet others have yet to maximise and monetise similar segments of their own website to increase trust.

Alturism and integrity will only serve to foster such rapport, yet Facebook for one has yet to maximise these incontrovertible metrics to boost their own levels of trust.

Wowcher advertising production shoot
Online needs to combine collectively if trust is to be truly maintained after Google’s intervention.

Weather forecasts, symbolic events, liked pages are all known by the conglomerate, yet nothing has been done to utilise this data and current, relatable affairs to conciliate businesses to consumers prolifically.

Not to denigrate and traduce the company too much, but much has been done to improve the ultimate purpose of Facebook: communication.

Newsfeeds are being changed to prioritise conversation over more corporate news or affairs, as a result the ability for the sense of community to permeate across the platform should improve.

Google’s work, though, can offer remarkable benefits to how you analyse the success of TV and seek to optimise your SEO.

With relevance sought through keywords, your advertising can ultimately reflect your inbound content and vice-versa.

Having such symmetry between all your advertising and marketing material will ensure of the consistency necessary to increase trust universally.

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