Cost: how much for successful advertising?

18th August 2017

The cost of advertising is often varied and interspersed with confusion and opacity, now enjoy some clarity

COST Is sometimes not the imperative factor when deciding where and how to go about your advertising: but control has never been better.

Through the rise of online and the ability to measure and account for any success and failure in realtime, branded advertising has suffered as a result, skewing the trust and efficiency of advertising on TV.

What has exacerbated the problem for TV is the culture of subservience and an unwillingness to disagree with the decided concepts on the company’s part.

The necessary facilitation needs to be on the business and production company’s part to agree that the assistance has been commissioned due to a lack of trust in delivering a campaign internally.

Production companies and agencies have been too easily accepted as co-dependant, but often when working together they only serve to increase the overall cost of production.

With more people to liaise with as your advert is produced, notwithstanding the increased collectively accountability, the tendency for importunate, sophist and casuist garrulousness to erupt is manifest.

From an intellectual point-of-view those within creative do not want to be undermined, therefore above all your business will be wasting valuable production time on obsolete production meetings.

Through the implementation of a single company overseeing your creative and production you can negate the time and money that would otherwise be wasted with no gain to your business.

While production companies and agencies can often provide a complete service, ensuring you select an entity that insists on doing so is key to you lowering the cost of advertising.

Through utilising an all-inclusive agency your business will save on ad cost.
Through utilising an all-inclusive agency your business will save on ad cost.

Moreover once this has been decided the necessity for you to insist on producing creatives that can be easily edited to suit the varying advertising platforms – on and offline – is imperative.

Online from a harvesting point of view is still the cheapest means of proliferating your CRM, while it provides a means of targeting that can be specific to the interests of a consumer, where it has lacked is in a sense of providing transparency.

Although a lack of transparency does not necessarily conflate to a lack of success, the knowledge of the consumers you are targeting – if a real person at all – is the main concern.

With the volatility of actual display, the content disseminated and the fact that online entities are habitually more distractive and convenience driven, online cannot inhabit reliability for your business.

Through TV advertising in both its linear and data-driven forms, your business has the panacea to mitigate any compromises you have had to make between accountability and credible business success.

TV as an overall entity is continuing to evolve from a cost reduction perspective, as well as an optimisation one too.

Through the growth and expansion of programmatic and addressable advertising, notwithstanding the improvements in connected analytics, you can now enjoy the measurability and accountability of online with TV.

As a result the prerogative from many businesses to prioritise ad accountability and instant analysis is rendered compromised.

While TV is yet to provide universal analytics that can directly account for sales and impressions, the digital campaigns run through TV provide all the previous merits of TV, but with lowered costs and improved efficiency.

Firstly the innovations in programmatic advertising has ensured that not only realtime benefits to efficiency have been elicited, but overall costs have been reduced by 20%.

Therefore a prerequisite of any TV advertising campaign should be to ensure of its compatibility in this context.

Also if you are seeking to prioritise response then focusing on addressable or interactive advertising that can be optimised via personal preferences, buying habits and location will ensure maximum efficiency and growth.

Utilising the latest advertising tech from digital will ensure cost reductions in media spend.
Utilising the latest advertising tech from digital will ensure cost reductions in media spend.

Through the production of ads that focus on the power of grading, editing and symbolism you can compensate and more than offset any loss in communicative power from a reduction in actors or location costs.

The key to advertising that resonates, regardless of whether you are seeking to enchant from a response or branding perspective, is to foster communication and memorability through a complimentary context that reflects that of what you want your consumers to feel.

Thus as you seek to proceed successful, compelling advertising, the cost of it can and will vary wildly depending on your media spend and creative output.

As a minimal guide though you will not be able to produce a completely planned, filmed, edited and cleared advert – including artist fees – that comes in for below £7,500.

Costs ultimately can be infinite depending on the nature of any editing, animation or ancillary costs that may be incurred.

To elicit success though you need to ensure that your media buying will compliment your consumer base and safeguard future growth.

Therefore advertising that can deliver long-term success as a result of providing a transitional, musical and cathartic experience will cost at least £10,000.

With any sponsorship or media spend that is consistent for three years (recommended for maximum impact) you will incur costs of at least £100,000, but you will achieve profit increases of 140%.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio commercials for 25 years, utilising state-of-the-art in-house facilities to produce all elements of advertising without unnecessary costs.

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