How new targeting capabilities improve engagement in advertising

4th January 2016

As time and technology has evolved, so has advertising. New targeting capabilities have brought about new and exciting ways to get advertisement viewers to engage in what they are seeing or hearing. This only serves to improve brand and product awareness and ultimately, boost sales for the advertiser.

In order to take advantage of the new capabilities and relationship that advertising can have with recent advances in technology, seeking the advice of an industry expert in the field of advertising is always recommended. Here at Space City, we have years of experience in advertising and over our 20 plus year history, we have watched how advertising has changed and evolved our practices to ensure we are always one step ahead.

The rise of smart technology

Virtually everyone now has a smart phone or tablet nowadays and it is usually within arm’s reach as people sit and watch the TV. It is now easier than ever to search companies online as soon as an advert appears and so advertisers can take advantage of this when producing direct response TV advertising. When you encourage viewers to visit your website or social media page through your direct response TV production, viewers can now do that quickly and easily as they finish watching your advert. You may have to deal with a little bit more Google competition but clear directions should point your audience in the right direction.

The rise of social media and sharing

Social media is a huge part of everyday life for millions of people worldwide. Businesses are beginning to include it in advertising strategies and you direct response advertisement can also take advantage of social media’s rise in popularity. You can encourage viewers to tweet to join in discussion or share videos or pictures using a hash tag. Encouraging you audience to go viral like this will help boost your online presence, increase brand awareness and drive more people to your business pages.

Changing with the times

Long gone are the days where direct response advertisement meant a man shouting from the screen to call an 0800 number “now!” Advertisers need to think smarter and utilise all of the technology modern advancements have provided. As experts in TV commercial production, we have worked with many big names to produce adverts that stick in the mind and get real results. Speak to us today to talk about direct response TV production that will see your business change strategy to better appeal to today’s consumer.


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