How to advertise: be creative

20th April 2017

HOW We advertise is becoming increasingly scale dependant, with this in mind the catalyst to emerging as a market leader continues to be neglected.

Creative content does not necessarily mean the script or style of the ad itself.

Of course producing more entertaining or inspiring content that connects emotively with the consumer assists the potency, efficiency and overall success of the campaign, but in order to distinguish yourselves from your competition, applying academic research to your ads is imperative.

For instance the shift towards more entertaining ads has been precipitated by the rise in data driven, more personalised ads; condemning the effectiveness of ads that focus on persuasion, therefore to continue a shift towards emotive advertising, instilling further stimuli to ads is key to the success of both your online and TV marketing.

How you execute this though has to be driven by the quality of the footage, how its edited and formatted and the platforms you are utilising.

Therefore to advertise in a fashion that can override a consumers natural rejection of advertising material, you have to employ science to your creative and subsequent post-produciton.

For instance the effective implementation of contrast, breaks, pauses and transition statistically provide 20% increases in responses to the ad.

Effective in this case is entirely objective to your content, however utilising a more pronounced pause prior to your end-board or final frame is integral to reiterating your lasting brand image to consumers.

Ensuring you engage your audience through an entertaining, contextual message and maintain focus is how you should advertise.
Ensuring you engage your audience through an entertaining, contextual message and maintain focus is how you should advertise.

Should you deploy just a simple transition to your final board you leave your audience cognitively in the same contextual mindset as the previous element of the ad, in order to seamlessly shift between your emotive content and your final brand message the post production has to be distinct and creative.

Stating this so subjectively of course is not eminently helpful, the creative ultimately resides in the trust of your production company, how they conceptualise your brand into a succinct and aesthetically inspiring ad has to be delivered contextually.

Combining context with all the other ancillary variables that will ultimately assist with the delivery of your ad is integral to optimal, cost-effective, efficient production.

For instance in terms of making your ad more affirming music is a ubiquitous trait toward growing reach, with 20% more responses to ads.

It is how and why the music is being infused into your ad that will exonerate it from the competition.

According to Thinkbox, ads that used music to drive your call-to-action witnessed 14% increases in brand retention when compared to those who did not.

Thus rather than just using music contextually within the entirety of your ad, deploying it to help mobilise and invigorate your overall brand message will enthuse its long-term efficiency.

Furthermore and vital particularly if you are producing a brand response or generic branded campaign, ensuring that your core brand message is conveyed later in a broadcast will be imperative to optimised resonance and retention.

Ads that continue to ad further vital brand information and context after an initial connection is made will witness a 30% decline in actual consumption.

Therefore in order to maintain focus after this period, the usage of transition and pauses will be integral to you maximising the impact of your end board.

By delivering your overall brand message to early you will subliminally rescind the connection you have generated with your consumers, wasting airtime and reducing your cost-per-conversion ratio.

Entertaining and selling, while exploiting your audience utilising the internet will be key to how you advertise.
Entertaining and selling, while exploiting your audience utilising the internet will be key to how you advertise.

The ultimately key though to enhanced resonation is the allying of these principles to brand reiteration.

By uttering your business name and associating it with the connotations created within the creative, you are likely to elicit nine-per-cent greater responses after your end-board, integral to successful DRTV.

Conversely the need to execute this while also delivering any audio message with visual replication is irrefutable.

Combining this with an aligned message will ensure that your brand retention will increase by a further seven-per-cent.

Considering that on average consumers use the internet on their phones for 39 minutes-per-day while watching TV, the potential to decrease your cost-per-sale is stark should you activate online campaigns simultaneously .

Furthermore with an emotive context underpinning the success of your ads, any call-to-action you desired from an ad will also be intrinsically brand driven, ensuring that direct response as a singularly entity will only be necessary for modular promotions.

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