How to produce effective advertising

1st March 2017

TV Advertising has long been the most successful means of attracting new customers and retaining them: nothing has changed.

In short though TV advertising has the greatest scale and reach of any other advertising medium.

It has the ability to engage and provide the memorability and trust that no other medium can do.

Although online provides the attribution, accountability and ease of analysis, the exploding scale of TV and the digital metrics that are calibrated to it ensure that they can enjoy a fruitful marriage with online.

Online advertising’s very limitations in terms of scale can be enhanced by the initial stimulus of TV.

Conversely one of the few inhibitions of TV is its lack of original content presence online.

With 89 per cent of all video viewed across TV and on-demand, the potential and chasm that is waiting to be filled by TV’s content online is vast.

Of course industry native nuances will dictate the exact nature and cycle of when you decide to refresh your brand or campaigning, alas general techniques exist that can facilitate increased growth.

Advertising on TV now carries with it greater capacity for growth than ever before.
Advertising on TV now carries with it greater capacity for growth than ever before.

Firstly the need to make your ad memorable is a decree-absolute of your entire campaign.

How to make your particular ad resonate and bind with the minds of your consumers though, is something that can be achieved regardless of the advertising tact you are chosen.

Direct response advertising (DRTV) is designed to deliver a call-to-action to your consumers, whereby you are inciting an instant reaction as a result of the ad.

You can still focus on brand though and the premise to entertain your audience is still prevalent.

Ultimately the memorability is still vital if you want to save on media buying spend.

Most DRTV ads struggle to deliver the sustainability of brand response or brand affirming adverts, or the cost effectiveness.

In the experience of clients associated with Space City, DRTV still carried the long-term resonation through its memorability that is not inherently garnered.

By instilling the juxtaposition of either the abstract or something that is relatable, allied to another imperative factor in form of emotion, you create DRTV that has the capacity to survive beyond short-term memory.

Notwithstanding the fact that TV advertising as a whole provides twice the sales uplifts per- spot-paid-for than any other medium, TV is the optimal vessel for growing retention to word-of-mouth.

Instilling the emotive properties that will enable your ad to either find fame online or simply through memorability, as a result of greater word-of-mouth distribution is simple, but requires diligence.

To optimise your advertising whether brand or DRTV driven, to have ample data or analysis of your potential audience is crucial.

If this is not possible either due to budget or finance, then a more general focus on showcasing the benefits of your product or service through music or pure facts that are optimised will manoeuvre your brand to forefront of consumers’ minds.

Cognitively then the focus has to be centred around associations and establishing connotations, where individuals will associate your brand with pleasant or aspirational times.

You can achieve this with the support of promotional offers or appealing facts that all act as leverage for your business.

Creating the optimal connotations as soon as possible is vital for successful advertising.
Creating the optimal connotations as soon as possible is vital for successful advertising.

If you focus as much on the response as your brand at this stage you can foster the association of aspiration and savings with your business.

A means of achieving this would be to use specially composed music, jingles or contemporary music that can assist with both the brand resonation and memorability.

Ads that feature music carry 19 per cent increases in business affects as a result, notwithstanding the 140 per cent growth in profitability from brand driven campaigns.

Thus beyond the fact that TV provides greater cost-effectiveness and ROI compared to online or offline direct response and branded content,  you have the ability to create content that can be shared online and redistributed.

Overall TV is the greatest interest and retaining harvester for your business, TV can work without online, but not vice versa.

Space City has been delivering TV, online and radio campaigns for 25 years, maximising the aforementioned techniques to execute bespoke campaigns that never fail to succeed.

Contact the team now and ensure your brand utilises its advertising budget, while increasing sales and profitability.


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