Improve DRTV sales through this easy step

8th May 2017

IMPROVE Your measurability, increase sales and boost inventory with collaborative TV media buying and display that can increase DRTV brand awareness.

While it has become easier to prospect and align your advertising creative towards a more refined, targeted audience, there are methods in which instant DRTV driven sales can be boosted.

While you cannot directly control the exact play-out of your TV ad with linear TV advertising, ensuring it is bought collaboratively with other business entities that may be ancillary to your own product or service will prove contextually beneficial.

The principle ultimately heralds from that of positioning your ad with programming that compliments your content.

For instance whereby if you were a company selling holidays you may buy airtime that situates within a programme showcasing locations abroad.

Although the clamour for measurability, attribution and actuating data has lead to the stark increases in consumption of online and data driven TV advertising, by either utilising these means to appear with such aforementioned ancillary brands within VOD or other non-linear TV guises, you can achieve such measurability through a more novel use of data algorithms.

At such a time where Google can provide the software for your business to match data inventory from both an online and TV campaign; run them concurrently and utilise the data collectively in realtime, collaborating with non-competitor, complimentary businesses can lead to a contextual advertising vessel that can maximise impulse and boost your DRTV ROI and KPI achievement.

You will improve your advertising efficiency and ROI with advertising that eliminates the presence of competition.
You will improve your advertising efficiency and ROI with advertising that eliminates the presence of competition.

While the saturation of related brands may lead to the declination of your own businesses impact, it is proven the short-term memory can attain five-seven ads, ensuring that as long as you cap any cross-collaboration to around five, your businesses’ can collectively improve the reach and connotational brand awareness of each other.

The sole purpose of DRTV traditionally is boost your short-term sales, if you create distinct similarities between your respective business entities, the power of your response commercials can be grown and improve to offer a collective aspirational ethos.

Of course depending on your target demographic, some activities or depth of creative may be too aspirational and diminish the chances of resonance with both your business and product.

Therefore if you do utilise such a tact, the need to protect your own intellectual property legally will be imperative, notwithstanding the need for your respective businesses to match your media budgets and inventory.

Although such partnerships may seem more socialist in their principles, with the liberal interpretation of inventory and competitive secrecy, with your respective creative budgets juxtaposing, such means of delivering DRTV ads will enable you to measure the success of utilising different budgets and creative backgrounds and their relative success.

As you strive to improve your short and long-term sales, the imperative will be to ensure that if you do chose to collaborate with certain complimentary business entities, that they in do not pose a risk in terms of competition.

If for instance you are a business selling pasta, aligning your own ad in terms of media buying times with those of a producer of fast food, you will be naturally inhibiting your effectiveness through imposing a choice on the consumer.

This concept essentially delivers efficiency through its ability to monopolise certain buying times and slots, ensuring that those advertising can interpolate the mind of the consumer without any competitive influence, devaluing media buying to a degree.

Improve your effectiveness, reach and scale to spell the end of restrictive DRTV.
Improve your effectiveness, reach and scale to spell the end of restrictive DRTV.

While this will act as a tertiary boost to the overall gains made by utilising this means of advertising, the ultimate one of increasing sales, lowering ROI and enjoying the rare added benefit of improving brand awareness is what is ultimately sought.

Thus the need for you to communicate with other business and showcase how a collective monopolisation of certain media slots, whether they be programmatic, interactive or addressable, are ultimately fruitful compared to traditional TV, online or data driven media spends.

Therefore collating information, data and facts that will support your claims that your brand is inhibited, when there is a presence of rival businesses within the same commercial breaks, will serve to assist with your partnership B2B.

With such partnerships forged you can collectively strive to produce content, whether that be utilising the same production company or separate, that can tell succinct stories, embodying the best of brand and direct response.

Overall by incorporating such much means of advertising into your strategy you can begin to eliminate the threats of over saturation through your own partnership B2B ethos.

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