Inbound marketing: improving it in 5 steps

23rd July 2018

Inbound marketing underscores the potency of your overall consumer reach, but how can you improve its ROI and achieve your KPIs?

INBOUND Marketing should be underscored by the outbound marketing you disseminate to consumers, but how can you increase advertising ROI for less?

When looking to stimulate and keep consumers in your sales funnel, there needs to consistency and semblance of a journey when passing between your outbound and inbound marketing activity.

The first element of the process you should tackle above all else, is the strength, agility and potency of your website.

1. SEO and why language and terminology matter in marketing

Whether you are utilising TV, online, radio or print advertising, the outbound material and its communicative style, context and actual words have to tally with your inbound activity on company websites.

When looking to naturally boost leads via your website and organic search, there are myriad factors you can improve to boost rankings regarding search terms, which include descriptive alt-tags, simplifying CSS, longer header tags and more discursive content.

That aside, though, the overall content plan for your website needs to compliment that of your outbound marketing to truly thrive.

With the keywords used in your PPC reflecting that of what your consumers are searching for, notwithstanding the optimisation of the terms used in the showcase of your business and call-to-action.

This consistency will increase consumer trust and the credibility of your business omniplatform.

Framd low cost TV Commercial production from Space City - this boosted inbound marketing success for the company
Creative consistency will increase resonance and improve the memorability of your inbound marketing.

On TV alone, if an advert changes tack midway through an ad or creative, trust and overall success declines – this practice needs to be replicated across all inbound and outbound marketing activity.

If you confuse the consumer with your core services, you will lose advocacy – the need for an overriding USP that you utilise in certain campaigns is crucial.

2. Segmenting consumer groups and boosting overall inbound success

When boosting your website performance and overall leads from work that does not pertain to advertising, it is crucial you target different consumers with variants of the same USPs.

While not all consumers will be interested in the same product or service, any piece of inbound marketing needs to be underscored by an overall meta-tag, which can be segmented in itself to compliment user experience.

Internal links when used too prolifically in content can damage your website performance, thus embedded click-throughs that can link to similar services or products to those they are viewing will help keep consumers interested in other offerings, but it is consensual and avoids the sales-driven traits of PPC and online video, which lowers efficiency and brand trust.

Stimulating website visitors through your TV content is key, but with refined, campaign-specific search terms that are underscored by wider brand virtues, you will attract a broader consumer base, some of whom will become company advocates.

Segmenting can be achieved through improved data streams, which deliver ads based on increased KPI achievement – linking as many metrics as possible together will deliver more refined results.

3. Harnessing data from your inbound marketing

Using your inbound marketing to improve your future outbound campaigns is crucial to improving their relevance, thus improving the quality of data you enjoy.

When analysing data and extrapolating conclusions from it, your business needs to look at time spent on the website, certain pages; when they left; how they access the website and where to ascertain more information about browsing activity.

Once you know this, you can prioritise making targeting more specific and provide a bespoke inbound experience that can be optimised to make the user experience more convenient – the absolute requirement of all online content.

With your website supporting your future TV, online and radio advertising productions, you can showcase the very elements a consumer wants to see and find out about – boosting response, memorability and resonance.

4. Keep inbound marketing content ungated at first

When attempting to conciliate consumers to your brand, immediately putting up barriers stopping them from accessing your articles, blogs or other forms of direct marketing will be inhibitive.

Although useful in finding out more about consumers, this system should be used when trying to access content that is an extension of what they were initially shown – something they fundamentally need if they are to maximise the first piece of content disseminated.

 Cost-effective TV advertising production for Ecover from Space City - helping their inbound marketing flourish
Allow your consumers to enjoy your inbound marketing and build trust and rapport.

If you attracted them to the post in the first place because of its virtues, having either a paywall or currency for that information will merely reduce trust in your brand and lead to negative coverage.

Experimenting with certain content choices, too, can help you create more amenable word choices, which assist with encoding brand unequivocally.

5. Ensure you advertise on TV, online and radio

For many, it can be case of one or the other, but the need for all these advertising outputs is key to your overall marketing output succeeding.

Appeal is necessary based on all the key metrics: experience, convenience, emotive resonance and gratification.

TV provides the experience and emotive resonance, while convenience, choice and gratification is delivered strongly online.

For the outbound to supersede the competition, though, the overall keywords need to create and leverage influence in consumer thought, not vice versa.

By influencing through video and audio content, you can mobilise your inbound marketing, improve efficiency and improve the quality of your outbound marketing.

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