Literary freedom and legal protection

8th September 2017

Literary freedom and the ability to interpolate consumers is not unethical, law flouting firmly is and can be easily avoided.

LITERARY Devices have been perennial statements of expression, interpolation and creative freedom, ensuring they are celebrated is imperative.

Considering the continuous battle for global literary competence during and beyond International Literacy Day, the key is education and exoneration from ignorance.

Every mind has the ability to conceive symbolic, inspiring and innovative ideas within an unfettered framework – and this should remain the case.

The issues that have blighted advertising and businesses like yours in recent years though is the lack of accountability within online advertising, ensuring that legal breaches have been misconstrued as creative freedom.

What has been amiss during this period is a creative centric culture, one that has been underpinned by science, brand and originality, instead a practice of persuasion and factual fallacy has erupted.

Amidst a directly unaccountable and unsubstantiated culture of advertising online, a surfeit of fines have been imposed on manifold businesses, including BGO Entertainment and Lottoland.

Amidst a culture of expedience in terms of analysis, production and attribution, the tendency to focus on eliciting instant results in an attempt to usurp opposition has seen a declination in creative standards.

While placement, scale and display have taken precedence within many marketing strategies, it is the very aforementioned creative and literary freedoms that ensure you can maximise the current search-driven, measurable advertising space.

Spend has increased consistently over the last 10 years in online, with TV being overtaken by the juggernaut last year.

Amid a higher online spend, literary and creative devices have been neglected in favour of persuasive, non-emotive elements.
Amid a higher online spend, literary and creative devices have been neglected in favour of persuasive, non-emotive elements.

Although success has been mixed amid the placement issues and more perennial fears of non-consumption and credibility, TV has continued to develop and provide a only successful brand and response platform.

Statistically trying to persuade viewers with misleading facts or information in a hurried, terse fashion, will not compliment the very brain functions that will elicit response and memorability.

Thus the paradox somewhat is: without an adherence to basic trading standard and consumer laws, your literary freedoms will be compromised; at a time where the theoretical creative scope has led to declining standards.

Although adding extra planning elements to an advertising creative, by adhering to the law and having the insurance against any issues given the substantiation would be recognised, your business can facilitate a more trusting and impressionable brand.

While some of the advertising choices taken by agencies and businesses like yours respectively, have been influenced by the very advertising means you are exploiting, the opportunities for response success have been affected by the mistrust emanating from the innate lack of credibility.

Although retrospective action has been taken, not only have such business lost a large quantity of capital, but their brand and sales capacity has been compromised.

Thus for your business to truly have the capacity to allow both your production company’s creative minds to flourish, a basic adherence to law and ethics, allied to brand originality will ensure you can circumvent any economic difficultly that pervades the transient fiscal spectrum.

The golden rule school of thought ensures that deception and ambiguity is bereft from your advertising.

While a deontological perspective ensures that creatives have boundaries, ensuring that in the pursuit of commerce and retention, the overall ethical enchanting of your consumers takes precedence.

With an ethical and legal framework that underscores your creatives scope can ironically flourish once more.

Although literary devices have only a tertiary effect on the immediate leverage of your advertising, they can ensure that your message is not only conveyed unambiguously in a symbolic sense, but literally too.

The importance of providing unambiguous literary devices and discourse is imperative to the retention of consumers.
The importance of providing unambiguous literary devices and discourse is imperative to the retention of consumers.

When using TV to advertise, the multiplier effect ensures that your business or ad at least is communicated through word-of-mouth, online and through other conversations.

If your language is not reiterated with your brand, or for instance married to the symbolism you are seeking to create within the format and other visuals, then the threat of your business being miscommunicated is high.

When ambiguity is rife within the legally anonymous appraisal of advertising, open only to the algorithms and censorship of opaque conglomerates, the libertarian freedoms of your business and consumers are compromised.

Thus through using TV as the catalyst of your advertising, before continuing to lobby for legal changes to ad placement online and within other advertising conduits, you can create the credible platform for advertising success.

Communication fosters increases in retention and sales. Without the impetus of having to compete with offers constantly, the focus can return to the product and the fostering of succinct literacy with your consumers.

Through simple replicating previously used creative directions by your competitors, your branding and overall advertising will elicit increasingly temporal results.

With more brand centric advertising, something that is inherently not as successful through online due to the gratification sought online, the focus once more on symbolism, cognitive disambiguation and literary reiteration ensures that you will not only improve sales success, but the literacy competence of your consumers, as you provide clear, unambiguous content.

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