Lower advertising costs with TV and online

2nd March 2017

LOWER Advertising costs and improve your ROI and KPI achievement through a more patient balance of TV and online.

The temptation to acquire instant gratification and results from your campaigns is tangible with online, however its efficiency in the short and long term is ambiguous and ultimately ineffective.

TV is becoming increasingly more targeted and measurable, to a point were inventory is vast enough to enable mass, segregated campaigns that can draw parallels with the merits of online.

Ultimately though the current malaise businesses find themselves in has been conceived from impatience and complacency.

Delivering PPC adverts or native online video remains inefficient in comparison to TV campaigns, with overall costs lower.

For instance TV as a whole in all its guises generates profit at double the rate of online display.

The idio-syncrantices of businesses as they advertise has clouded their judgement to what their potential consumers actually want: to be entertained or emotively engaged.

Online is a great interest harvester, in a sense it can act as the conduit for all the business or interest in your business or offer that has been generated by TV- not a generator though.

Online is a great harvester of interest, but cannot compete with TV in generating it as you lower costs.
Online is a great harvester of interest, but cannot compete with TV in generating it as you lower costs.

Although the lower advertising costs remain a stark incentive to those looking to advertise cheaply, it is not cost effective.

Display of online ads has improved, with the distinction between impressions and actual ad consumption gradually being defined.

The fact remains though that the growing versatility of TV and lower cost-per-impression ratio renders online- as your only source of marketing- redundant.

Solace can still be taken though from marketer regarding the display and attribution of online, with the ability online has to retargeted and prolong awareness of your campaigns.

The most effective commercials from TV are those that lend themselves to enchanting consumers emotionally; courting business and not harrying or persuading the consumer for it.

Adverts that encompass emotive traits and attempt to entertain or evoke an emotional response are proven to to succeed, however this is inexcusably under-actuated by agencies and businesses.

With 87 per cent of all video being consumed across linear TV and corresponding devices, it is damning on the success of agencies and businesses in producing content that is shareable omni-platform.

Having versatility in mind to your content maybe more time consuming in terms of production, but will improve ROI, brand retention and and efficiency.

In terms of eliciting instant sales, whereby you may choose to produce a raft of PPC campaigns to pepper the screens of potential customers’ devices, DRTV that can be used intravenously to ensure you do not waste on ad spend.

Whereas previously you would have to be allocated slots of airtime, or specific programme sponsorship or connection, you can now systematically control, filter and segregate your campaigns to match with your audience, not vice-versa.

Focusing on online-only campaigns will ultimately lead to inefficiency and a lack of durability; online has the lowest long-term efficiency of any form of advertising.

Thus to ensure you lower your advertising costs in real terms you have to prioritise TV to prefix future engagement online.

Online campaigns cannot provide the emotional properties to create the combined power of TV in conjunction with online.

TV delivers campaigns that can encompass the very ideology that you want your consumers to engage with.

As a consumer interacts with your campaign via TV, whether it is a brand or direct response ad, you can ally this to a PPC campaign that retargets your website visitors, thus improving attribution and transparency.

Incorporate both the call-to-action and your brand in TV and lower your overall advertising costs.
Incorporate both the call-to-action and your brand in TV and lower your overall advertising costs.

To truly lower costs in advertising the rhetoric has to shift: from it being that of a product, to a service.

With the most successful TV campaigns and businesses utilising TV’s various means of advertising now, it is no surprise that the UK’s biggest advertiser Procter and Gamble has seen its online campaigns fail.

TV continues to provide more than twice the ad-spend efficiency of online, yet online ad spend has overtaken that of TV.

This underlines the preferences of businesses currently to prioritise short-term savings and instant gratification, in exchange for poorer performance.

TV’s evolution is heralding a golden age for advertising as a whole- including online- as cost-effectiveness, display and attribution continues to improve.

75 per cent of those choosing to utilise interactive TV advertising are completely new to TV, underlining the fact that lowering costs is as much a priority as success.

Space City has won more commissions than any other productions company since 2001, ensuring you can enjoy both cost effectiveness and profitability.

Contact the team now and see how easy it can be to experience the attribution TV now has to surmount online.



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