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18th September 2017

Given the increasing convergence between TV, online and data providers, ensuring this translates to your employees as you optimise advertising

OPTIMISE Your advertising unilaterally and ensure of optimal efficiency, multiplier effects, long-term sales growth and CRM cultivation.

The collaboration between TV and online as both platforms look to optimise your advertising collectively has been long overdue – your business is stronger when utilising both.

With TV now augmenting their advertising campaign delivery with means of programmatic, addressable placement, notwithstanding actionable, realtime analytics, your business can enjoy the levels of measurability enjoyed by online, but with the scale and emotive resonance elicited through TV.

While the power of search has been predatory in highlighting and delivering campaigns that are relevant to your consumers, it should also be applied to the optimisation of the rankings of your advertisings.

If your internal marketing teams are not in regular communications with your web team, then ultimately the success of your campaign when online ironically will be weakened.

Despite the inherent success of TV or VOD, should you choose to utilise that form of dovetailed advertising output, the need to ensure you are equipped to harvest the influx of interest and traffic is vital.

If your website for instance, associated video within your ads, thumbnails and keyword usage is compromised or not prioritised, your overall ability to influence your targeted and multiplied consumer reach is reduced.

Thus for no further outlay in terms of advertising or staff budget, your business only needs to optimise its overall web content to ensure that entire advertising output can supersede that of competitors.

Although producing native content to compliment that of your chosen platforms would seem prudent – ensuring the cognitive behaviours of your consumers are reflected – you are more likely to succeed and save money with more streamlined, generic advertising content.

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Optimise your advertising and online output to ensure your generic ad content can reaffirm your brand.

In this regard your advertising can universally be calibrated to suit that of the cognitive behaviours of your consumers, while the optimisation of your campaigns from an online point-of-view can be truly perfected.

With reflective branding universally across your various platforms, you can improve indexation even on platforms which are general more convenience, show case-driven.

Having advertising video, its attributes, alt-tags, heading tags and html optimised to reflect the very key-words, search habits or behavioural instincts ensures that your placement can avoid being disruptive.

Through a more complimentary advertising output that delivers to consumers based on not only the inventory that has been exhibited to, but generic individuals who may not have been previously, you can optimise and finesse your CRM and advertising efficiency.

Within social media you are not looking to generate increased volumes of sales externally, it is your harvester of individuals who are already enchanted by your brand.

Thus to ensure this element of your delivery provides content that has been algorithmically enhanced, your images, thumbnails and posts have to contain advertising centric content.

If you are concurrently running a TV campaign for instance and ensuring the rhetoric, transitions, overall brand message are reflected across your social media output is vital.

In order to optimise this within both Google and social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you should ensure that alt-tags and the aforementioned requirements are reflected from a visibility perspective.

As you optimise all your advertising platforms, the SEO of your website becomes increasingly pivotal to brand growth.
As you optimise all your advertising platforms, the SEO of your website becomes increasingly pivotal to brand growth.

By maintaining a joint, sales, marketing and web team collaboration the rhetoric, content and delivery style can universally reflect a consistent vision, precluding any consistencies that harm your SEO and brand uniformity.

While traffic as a whole is dictated by SEO, your ability to not only keep you existing consumers visiting your online outputs, but attracting organic traffic will only be enhanced by campaigns underpinned by the emotive prowess of TV and its derivatives.

While VOD, BVOD and linear are varying forms of program delivery, they ultimately are used to satisfy the same elements of the human mind: connection, experience, comfort, escape, indulge and unwind.

By providing the gratification of these elements within the same advertising vessel, your business is equipped to replicate them online, ensuring online does not have to just be a harvester.

Although means of improving your CRM through online are more reliably linked than that of TV, accountability at least of your brand driven TV campaigns can be improved by consistent content across both TV and online.

With the brand cues reflected unilaterally as you optimise your business’ exposure, the ability for your social media to have increased influence from a CRM and interest generating perspective can be improved through reflective convergence, perfected through an internal communications strategy that incorporates your entire business team.

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