Prepare DRTV ads ahead of inflation dip

16th May 2017

INFLATION Has reached a four-year high in the United Kingdom, however with interest rates set to rise to combat it, DRTV will be ever more imperative.

While DRTV remains the most successful short-term sales medium, in terms of delivering swift, accountable, measurable instant uplifts in sales, with the squeeze on consumer spending expected to continue as the UK continues to adjust to ongoing market, currency and spending volatility, advertising spending will be tested and left to the robustness of the creative and media direction.

Amid the continuing diversification of TV advertising, as it begins to collaborate with the features of online that continue to provide measurability and accountability, media buyers in addition to affiliated and non-affiliated inventory providers increasingly provide solutions that can further enhance the efficiency of TV and online as an overall advertising medium.

While the continuing rise of inflation is stymying further business growth, notwithstanding the overall spend within advertising itself, consumers are becoming increasingly selective with their spending.

Although it has decreased slightly during the last quarter, amid the continuing low interest rates (0.5%), figures will potentially online decline without any renewed short to medium term improvement.

This could be sought from the forthcoming General Election, with a more long-lasting mandate or fiscal direction ensuring that economic stability can ensue.

Although inflation continues to rise, post GE more stability will boost ad efficiency.
Although inflation continues to rise, post GE more stability will boost ad efficiency.

Brexit uncertainty has led to many corporations considering their short-term commitments to the UK, thus any return to buoyancy will be dependant on the final deal and ultimate savings made from the eventual departure.

In the meantime as your business seeks to maintain sales, contracts, awareness and reach,   the timing of your creative concert will need to be more data driven.

While TV inherently provides the power, credibility and sales elicitation, it will naturally lose effectiveness as ambient savings decrease.

Thus not only is the need for your advertising to compliment the programming it is aligned to manifest- from a brand perspective- your timing will have to be driven by that of your consumers transient spending habits.

Therefore utilising traditional means of DRTV that purely focus on demographic based research only, will serve to reduce efficiency at times when disposable income is reduced.

Despite this though it will still be more efficient than online PPC campaigns, however as you seek to create ads that can be ameliorated quickly and cheaply, ensuring your creative reflects the timing of your is crucial.

As such focusing on the language that your consumers use when advertising will not only help you understand how users interact with your brand, but why.

Consequently you can devise semantic driven campaigns that will compliment your ads more so than brand awareness campaigns.

If you are focusing on a core market and looking to elicit instant sales, amenability is crucial as you look to strike the instant rapport and authority that will serve to empower your campaign.

The rise in inflation- although slight once more- will serve to accentuate the more frugal appetite of the consumer, thus brand awareness campaigns would naturally seem the most lucrative means of advertising.

Ultimately though at this time, by focusing on purely your brand you will suffer stark slides in sales without the presence of a complimentary DRTV campaign.

Inflation is ensuring that the strength and effectiveness of brand campaigns is dwindling in the short term, ensuring DRTV is essential.
Inflation is ensuring that the strength and effectiveness of brand campaigns is dwindling in the short term, ensuring DRTV is essential.

Your brand ethos and the connotations it evokes will be financially immortal, your ability to elicit instant sales is not; the creative and media plan cannot stagnate.

Ultimately if the media plan changes it is to compliment a shift in viewing habit or consumption by the consumer, therefore the language and call-to-action needs to be distinct to liberate your new creative from the old.

Once you have shifted your creative to suit the inflation driven, prudent consumer, by ensuring spots are mood or at least payday dependant, you can continue to enjoy the unrivalled strength of DRTV.

Although the long-term efficiency of it pales into insignificance when compared to brand driven advertising, your instant ROI can only be maintained by supplementing your campaigns with DRTV.

Even when factoring in the increased costs of launching a TV campaign, the cost-per-sale is 15% lower than that of PPC, while its efficiency is also far superior.

Therefore amid inflation dominant times, when brand inefficiency will temporarily at least proliferate, the need to implement data-driven DRTV is manifest.

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