Regressive advertising is coming to an end

29th June 2017

Advertising across online has begun to desecrate pre-eminant stereotypes, now TV is beginning to liberate itself from regressive tendancies.

REGRESSIVE Advertising is gradually being expelled from the creatives that serve the success of your brand and consumer thought processes.

Historically and contemporaneously advertising has held the ability to influence consumer thought, whether that be through the impulse buying or through brand affirmation.

TV has long held the leveraging forces – or superior ones at least – that have secured prolonged sales growth for myriad companies, however with social perceptions changing and the very stereotypes that have dominated the creative tacts of ads for generations are now irrelevant, the current paradigm shift is one toward search-based thinking.

Therefore attempting to shape your company’s next advertising creative around demographic-based thought and prior utterances is erroneously misguided.

With the introduction of Adobe’s advertising cloud and the exponential increases and analytical sophistication, the accessibility of data that is relevant to your potential consumers is vast.

Moreover the presence of programmatic advertising provides further efficiency and appraisal as to your advertising’s effectiveness from both a brand a response perspective.

While it inherently lends itself to response optimisation – which is also massively beneficial to ascertaining immediate resonance – it can also through the increasing digitalisation of TV, how receptive consumers are to your proposed brand and journey.

Not every TV is digital yet of course, but through a proactive, innovative approach to the curation of your ad content you can ensure that your ads are optimised to succeed through the liberation of the ostracised, challenging of convention and championing of the esoteric.

By liberating yourselves from the regressive advertising of the past you will enjoy improved efficiency and effectiveness.
By liberating yourselves from the regressive advertising of the past you will enjoy improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Ultimately originality can still employ the recesses of previous stereotypes; in a time of instant gratification and decreased tolerances to advertising the tried and tested is often preferred.

While this tact remains successful in relative terms the incentive is now there for your business to provide more progressive, challenging advertising that can establish an exclusive brand niche.

Previously such challenger idiosyncrasies were consigned to online or outdoor marketing, where the reach has and continues to be minimal compared to TV.

While the majority remained loyal to linear TV, the incentive to adopt an advertising prerogative that shunned the regressive and championed more specific consumer and societal beliefs was lacking.

However as the shift towards creating content that inspires and intrigues once more, the power of TV can be exerted through progression.

With TV previously thriving and peddling the very stereotypes that will increasingly endure derision over adoration, the impetus firmly has to be placed into challenging the metanarrative.

Regressive ads are still enjoying a degree of success, due in part to the increasing efficiency that is created between the synergy of TV and online, however even more can be elicited thanks to empowerment and conciliating others to advertising.

Ultimately your business like any other seeks to ultimately grow and to assist with the overall progression of your shareholders, employees and consumers, therefore remaining entrenched in the stereotypes of a regressive society will serve only to cause stagnation.

Stagnation and ultimately declination will welcome your company through regressive advertising.
Stagnation and ultimately declination will welcome your company through regressive advertising.

Thus with an ever-increasing population and socially liberal society (British Social Attitudes Survey), not progressing with them in terms of improving diverse representation will render your business irrelevant.

Brand response advertising delivers twice the effectiveness in terms of long-term sales and this success is conceived through emotion and entertainment.

If your ad is irrelevant socially you will be inhibited in your efforts to connect emotively, ultimately it may carry alternate content, it will not be something though in the world of social media and through word-of-mouth that will not be disseminated.

According to research by Screen life: TV in demand, the very metrics that compel your consumers to absorb TV: to unwind, for comfort and to connect, are all driven by context and the social environment and personal association with the ad.

Therefore in an increasingly entertainment-driven advertising world, which relies on the stimuli of context to provide the resonation necessary to increase affirmation with your brand, the effectiveness of outdated, regressive advertising will ultimately dissipate.

As you seek to optimise ads and future engagement on your website and other outlets, the power of search and the SEO compliance your content carries will serve to increase efficiency: the championing of change is being rewarded.

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