RSPCA launches new ad with Space City

9th February 2018

Eponymous animal welfare charity, the RSPCA has returned to TV advertising with a new creative produced by Space City

THE RSPCA Has released its new TV advert with Space City, showcasing the horrific plight of the Whippet, Clover and her subsequent recovery with the RSPCA.

The egregiously abused dog is featured throughout the advert – at both first and end branding, to ensure of maximum retention, memorability and instant response.

Emotive consistency was underscored in the advert by the visuals and audio, for the benefit of response through calls, texts and online engagement.

Having been found abandoned in 2016, Clover endured a difficult convalescence period, but recovered.

When the RSPCA inspectors found Clover, her mouth had been tightly taped shut with gaffer tape – presumably to stop her barking. But it meant that she couldn’t eat or drink – she could hardly breathe.

The commercial tells the story of how she was rescued and – after surgery under general anaesthetic and three weeks of intensive care – she gradually started to recover.

Clover’s story has a happy ending, as the vet who looked after her decided to keep her and (as we see in the commercial) she is thriving in her new home.

Space City’s commercial uses one of the RSPCA’s own inspectors as a presenter and voice-over.

The campaign will feature on myriad channels nationwide from Monday, 12 February, with the charity utilising both phone number and website leverages to incite and elicit instant responses and attributable success.

60 and 90-second versions have been produced of the ad, with media buying undertaken by John Ayling Associates.

Space City has produced more commercials than any other company since 2000, generating the greatest ROI-per-member-of-staff in the UK.

Watch the ad now and utilise the award-winning services of a production company chosen by the RSPCA, to deliver response inducing commercials for your business.

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