SEO key to online growth amid targeting drop

19th September 2017

SEO is already key to brand exposure online, your ranking and overall CRM development; as targeting flounders you need to optimise your organic reach

SEO Needs to become your business’ cornerstone of online development, with the need to prioritise it to offset any declining data streams from Apple.

The announcement from the commercial juggernaut has been met with widespread anxiety and condemnation from business leaders, with the fate of many online content streams compromised.

Although not entirely damning for retargeting as we know it and the ability your business has to impose and assert yourselves on consumers, it will inhibit the means of securing the services of consumers via direct response.

With convenience necessary to satisfy consumer mindsets’ online, utilising TV style 30-second ads will invariably fail and ensure your creative is missed and budget wasted.

Thus to compensate for this the retargeting of consumers who have shown an interest in your products is vociferously popular.

SEO though will increasingly have to compensate from the convenience gratification element.

Consumers do now have the ability to satisfy the relaxing, experience, comfort, unwind and escapist factions of their brain through VOD and subsequently other BVOD services provided on and offline.

As a result, the priority for your business should be scale derived from key-word ascertainment, not necessarily just retargeting those who may have viewed your ads, or searched for something related to your business profusely.

By isolating and ascertaining your keyword strategy, your SEO can be optimised organically to compliment your consumer desires.
By isolating and ascertaining your keyword strategy, your SEO can be optimised organically to compliment your consumer desires.

With TV you can still enjoy unrivalled scale, reach and a multiplier effect like no other, given TV’s ability to generate unparalleled interest through online.

This is a consequence of the emotive leverage that the content disseminated on TV has.

Despite the increasing power that online outputs have in harvesting the consumers stimulated by TV and its derivatives, it will not be the targeting that continues to supersede that of convenience driven search, but SEO.

SEO, while being intrinsically imperative to the success of your online services, their visibility and ranking, it is also pivotal in establishing the sub-conscious indexing that will be vital when consumers seek gratification from convenience.

As long as your TV advertising – or if the case may be, YouTube or Facebook live placement – provides the emotive awe that ensures of memorability and indexation, your SEO can be inherently improved.

Thus your core focus from an online prospective should be to optimise your website to compliment that of your advertising creative stimuli.

Through this stimuli you can interpolate your consumer base towards forming associations with certain feelings and your brand.

With DRTV campaigns supporting your underpinned brand rhetoric associated with your brand response campaigns, you can ensure that sales generated through your website, on the phone or other means can be harvested and subsequent campaigns ameliorated to compliment your consumer.

Having an impetus that seeks to prioritise the CRM of your company, you can improve internal communications that compliment and reflect the very keywords and delivery of words that enchanted those consumers in the first place.

Of course this does not assist with the curation of new clients aside from sporadic sharing and word-of-mouth customer generation, for this the imperative will be to perpetuate the influence of your SEO, becoming a force that reflects the desires of your business.

To empower your business online, aside from creating the TV and other video campaigns that stimulate your potential consumers, SEO needs to not only reflect the terminology you desire your consumers to search, but compliment the emotive cues, transition that are integral to online success.

Regardless of whether you seek to elicit short-term sales uplifts or focus on indexing your brand within the minds of consumers, ensuring that content ultimately proliferates within your website and online outputs is key.

For optimum SEO your website needs to contain at least 2,000 words within it generically and have a high text to HTML ratio; one that reflects the key words that your have stipulated as important to your business.

With written content that is delivered with an emphasis on depth, as appose to just keyword saturation your business will display favourably within Google and ensure you can foster your consumer courtship through content, not retargeting.

Through a lowered paid advertising display and targeting budget, you can ply increased resource into your internal marketing and communications.

As a result your social media campaigns can attempt to leverage the same emotive resonance elicited through your TV campaigns, but with engagement that encourages participation; buying into your brand through the dissemination of both un-gated and gated content.

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