TV advertising: simplifying analysing metrics

7th December 2016

TV Advertising analysing metrics continually proliferate as businesses and media buyers look to perfect CRM and consumer understanding.

With the increased tightening of the pursestrings TV advertisers are faced with, concentrating the extent to which businesses analyse the habits of their consumer base is a simple cost cutting solution, which does not inhibit your ability to accurately curate your audience profile.

Such an eclectic array of metrics and algorithms which underpin analytic software, has ensured a degree of ambiguity in the ability to shape your consumer habits, given such objectivity.

Previously analysing the success of your campaign or understanding your audience was far easier compared with today, society has forever become more critical in its thinking and less trusting in previous metanarritives due to the infinite volumes of information, detail and choice from the internet and wider society.

Mitigate the power of the internet using TV and language subjectivism.
Mitigate the power of the internet using TV and language subjectivism.

If TV advertisers and companies can truly simplify analysis of audience, moreover the ability for audience to have clear understanding of what is being showcased in an ad, language needs to take precedence.

The use of semantics underlines how language is interpreted by those digesting it, therefore rather than the focus of multiple algorithms and metrics analysing the traits and viewing patterns of your audience interacting with your ad, the directive should be understanding what leads your audience to certain channels in the first place.

Once this is ascertained you can develop rapport and trust with your audience through linguistic recognition.

Therefore when you are developing your next TV campaign you can tailor language and the meanings of it, directly to your audience.

With an understanding of how your audience thinks and behaves, not just the data that illustrates it, you can develop a proactive approach to marketing your product or service.

This can grow beyond the analysis of your KPIs on TV, but can relate to your resulting online reaction.

By having the knowledge of the language that resonated with your audience, you can accurately measure and organise your data, enabling its interpretable qualities to be more rigid.

This can unilaterally create more transparency between the data you receive and the conversions your brand or service receives as a result of the commercial.

With an increase in trust at board level in the metrics of how you understand your TV audience, the success of TV as a trustworthy medium can be established once more.

Having waned somewhat in recent years amidst the rise in digital, the creative opportunities TV poses to combine both language subjectivism and the length of time audiences can engage with your brand is stark.

Given the importance of dovetailing brand response and brand interaction on both TV and online, the time you have to captivate your audience is only available on TV.

The power and time to captivate your audience only exists on TV.
The power and time to captivate your audience only exists on TV.

Space City  has transformed SME’s into major household names in a short space of time, utilising language which resonates with consumers through brand recognition.

By analysing how people search, what existing shows and ads they interact with, you have the perfect metric to mould your new campaign.

Having boosted accuracy and trust at company level this will inevitably filter down to consumer level too.

Therefore rather than analysing what your consumers and potential consumers are doing and their navigation habits, look to why they are doing it.

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