Space City launches Karcher TV adverts

20th March 2017

SPACE CITY Has launched its latest roster of TV commercials for German cleaning giants, Karcher.

Partnering with renowned agency, Live and Breathe,  four ten-second ads were produced to feature the Karcher Window Vac at its best, showcasing the product in an eclectic array of scenarios.

Having created live-action, realtime solutions to simulate true-to-life situations, a truly visceral experience was created for viewers.

The commercials were filmed within a domestic setting, with a bulldog among the acting cast as the producers’ and director looked to exploit the perennial success that is using animals in TV advertising.

Tom Challis, the director of the commercials, was delighted with the final versions, he exuded: “With an extremely intricate post production and a very complex sound mix, we have, I believe, really created reality!

“It’s something different and unique in the world of advertising.

“The Soundscape was crucial, as idea was to demonstrate real life both visually and aurally, we perfectly recorded nearly ninety unique sound effects, from the sucking sound of the vac cleaning spilt wine, to the dog’s tongue licking the window from the other side of the glass.”

Karcher Mum and baby

By creating a tangible real-life experience within the four versions brand awareness was at the core of the creative, with practicality, humour and the sense of routine encapsulated within the prefix, ‘Love What You See’.

Adverts that feature animals are 20 per cent more effective when supplementing brand response campaigns, while ads that utilise humour and emotion are 25 per cent more effective than just informative ones, according to research by industry analysers, Nielson.

Therefore to create the ultimate brand response campaign for Karcher, the key was to amalgamate these key brand affirming traits into the four commercials.

This was the first time the company had partnered with Space City to produce marketing material, however the success during the production of the ads has already led to Live and Breathe collaborating once more, ahead of forthcoming projects.

You can watch the four new commercials for Karcher here.

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