Spend to save money on ads in 2017

14th December 2016

SPEND More money when there is a culture of uncertainty for businesses across the UK? This can be the only long term solution to growing your brand.

On the face of things such a suggestion seems entirely erroneous and futile, in times where accountability for commercial decision making is ever more studious.

Historically though companies who have spent more on their ad budgets more than justify the investment through market returns.

Relevantly to the Christmas and New Year period, companies invest large proportions of their annual advertising budget to an effective TV campaign which resonates with their desired audience.

Businesses such as John Lewis have seen eight-fold returns on their ad investment, while Sainsbury’s saw a six-fold return on their’s in 2015.

Through increasing ad spend you are safeguarding future growth.
Through increasing ad spend you are safeguarding future growth.

In the wake of the global financial crisis in 2008 TV ad spends have increased year-on-year, with the power of the creative delivering captivating campaigns that have been situated perfectly with the audience being appealed to.

The onus on producing a creative, trustworthy, brand centric campaign that does not incur too much in the way of ad spend has become imperative given the improvements to visuals, semantics and analytics.

Many have argued it is the idea not the budget that brings a campaign to life, however in an industry that exponentially improves on all aspects to reinvigorate and enchant the consumer, ensuring that the ad reflects the brand is the top of your agenda.

When trying to emotively connect with your audience and personalise your brand it is vital that you deliver on contextual understanding.

Complacency with branding in times which are becoming increasingly transient and dependant on worldwide issues, as appose to just national ones, has ensured that ads need to be increasingly organic.

This does not mean neglecting your brand values though, merely situating them into a context that is celebratory, aspirational, or necessary depending on your industry and the nuances of it.

It is often underestimated how powerful culturally a TV ad campaign can be and the impact it has on popular culture.

Deliberately or not your brand could have the power to shape the mindset of consumers seeking rejuvenation from tougher times: perspectives and context have huge bearings on your commercial’s success.

Combining ad spend and creating the appropriate mood for your ad are vital.
Combining ad spend and creating the appropriate mood for your ad are vital.

Ad spend has spiralled with the desire for perfection, however with the growing autonomy of creative companies and agencies, the investment is purely a media buying one now as appose to a creative one.

At Space City creative costs have been concentrated by the implementation of facilities such as Davinci grading, multiple editing suites and a casting studio that collectively ensure that overheads are kept to a minimum.

Moreover having every element of the production process in-house ensures that cohesion and transition are seamless, ensuring an ad bereft of any imperfections.

Therefore to truly cut marketing spend on TV commercials then an audience understanding driven prerogative must be implemented, in order to safeguard the ad being portrayed in the appropriate context.

All investment can be put to waste through poor broadcast delivery, therefore research into the context of the programs and channels you will be showcasing your ad on is integral to success as much as creativity.

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