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16th February 2017

SUCCEED In you attempts to create content that is not only effective at yielding sales, but affirms you brand and saves on advertising costs with emotion.

The most shared online ads and most effective TV commercials are underpinned by emotion- beguiling the viewer rather than directly selling to them.

In the past some of the most successful TV ads have not recycled well online, with online original content enjoying avid success, while TV continued to waste an enormous commercial opportunity.

Recently the emotive dominant John Lewis TV campaigns have led to over two million online shares in the wake of the TV broadcast, due to it being emotive at its core.

Ultimately it did not moot the usual connotations of direct response TV, nor did it in fact ask for any kind of response at all, merely posing a piece of original brand awareness content.

This became the only ad of 2016 that had the prowess to dominant both TV and online, despite TV constituting for 87 per cent of overall viewed media.

Such a damning indictment of the lack of omni-channel scope with these ads has led to a change of tact for some brands, including retailers Sainsbury’s.

In order to succeed with advertising you need to produce ads with all platforms in mind.
In order to succeed with advertising you need to produce ads with all platforms in mind.

Ahead of their 2017 advertising campaign, 20 Giphy campaigns, a music video and traditional TV ad were announced to help them succeed.

Therefore to create an autonomous approach to overall ad campaigns, utilising shorter variations and entertainment based content to supplement TV is now being implemented.

Ultimately though with TV holding such leverage in terms of overall video consumed, by utilising the traits of ads and videos as a whole that go viral online and replicating them for TV, businesses can ultimately begin to reduce ad budgets.

Accountability and quantifying certain commercial successes to respective campaigns has been ambiguous in the past, but given the abilities to track TV ad impressions real-time, accounting what budget was plied most successfully is becoming more transparent.

Conversely with online, analysing impressions and conflating those to potential sales success or brand affirmation has been misguided.

Conversions need to be more diligently analysed for instance, rather than looking at impressions themselves, look to who has shared, liked or clicked through to your website in order to succeed.

Thus adverts need to be made with the creative and emotion at their heart to carry weight cross-platform and foster improved ROI, KPI achievement and overall advertising cost reduction.

Currently emphasis has been placed- correctly from a pragmatic point of view- on optimising TV campaigns and utilising the very metrics that make TV the success it is.

Visually TV ads are far more appeasing to viewers, they are more trusted thanks to the regulation it enjoys, creating the credibility your business needs to succeed.

However at a time where the need combine both online and TV to grow as a collective, the general creative has been neglected, or been focused on purely on one entity other another.

Ultimately this is counter-productive in terms of reaching maximum scale and long-term effectiveness.

Prioritising one advertising platform may be cheaper, but not cost-effective as you look to succeed.
Prioritising one advertising platform may be cheaper, but not cost-effective as you look to succeed.

Whether it be cost or creative reasons, producing content that compliments both platforms is something that has been grossly neglected.

The most successful ad of last year, which focused on emotion rather than direct response selling, achieved further engagement and KPI achievement online.

Further larger brands changing tact is pointing to another paradigm shift in advertising priorities and the seemingly correct path for you to succeed.

Within TV as a whole ads that focus on emotion as appose to persuasion enjoy on average twice the engagement and efficiency, ensuring advertising costs are saved and ROI is optimised.

Therefore for your business to cement success in 2017 and beyond, focusing on eliciting emotive responses from your audience will be crucial, with emphasis on humour yielding particular success online.

Space City continues to produce brand affirming, emotive commercials which carry enormous long-term leverage, ensuring ROI is above average.

Contact the team now and see how easy and cost-effective it can be to succeed with Space City and achieve ROI of up to 600 per cent.


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