Global tact to ads will boost sales

24th April 2017

GLOBAL Tacts to advertising will safeguard any drops in your domestic productivity as you strive to deliver consistently efficient campaigns.

In the wake of the result of the first ballot for the forthcoming French Presidential election, the news that Emmanuel Macron was leading Marine Le Pen prompted sharp rises in the strength of the French Stock Exchange, notwithstanding a Euro situating at a five-month-high.

Given this economic momentum has been established so transiently and through no actual fiscal policy change, the perennially reactive markets underline how powerful DRTV could be within peak economic periods, in a global context.

While brand response advertising provides a constant level of recognition and resonation for your business, DRTV can be skewed to provide temporary offers and promotions that will provide increased sales uplifts.

By departing from a rigid marketing plan on a promotional level at least, you can utilise the power, transparency and versatility of the data driven, digitalised metrics that can provide fresh accessibility to TV advertising.

If for instance you take a modular, promotion driven stance nationally for instance, you are ultimately wasting marketing budget that would translate to net profit if you opt for a more international marketing tact.

More companies are choosing to re-edit existing ads, tweaking content and the accompanying visuals graphics and legal text to conform to either new brand ethos’, or regulatory requirements from other countries.

In the case of the latter, where for instance your content may not have even been viewed previously in an alternative country to where your initial ad was broadcast in, simple visual and audio tweaks can provide compliant, credible solutions for less.

Taking your brand to a global audience is inexpensive and will boost your business' efficiency.
Taking your brand to a global audience is inexpensive and will boost your business’ efficiency.

To produce an entirely original piece of advertising content most production companies or agencies would charge more than £10,000.

When compared to the costs of re-editing existing content and enhancing it either visually or audibly, you will save at least £6,000.

Although a cost is incurred to a degree and is particularly risky amid such economic transience, ensuring versions are in place to provide solutions for consumers in nations where you could profit from both low export fees, in turn with shipping costs to provide your company with policy proof profit.

While this can pose logistical issues if your business is purely national based; in terms of delivery of products and volume of stock or products available, if you are a business entity that provides products or services that can either be sold globally, or if you are a multi-national business already, the effectiveness of producing new versions will ensure your ROI proliferates.

Therefore in any case, to showcase your brand in new markets will enable you to have constant mobility of cash flow.

With a global presence and emphasis on DRTV outside of your core brand awareness markets, the inherent credibility of TV worldwide will provide you with sales uplifts by focusing on automated campaigns when fiscal behaviour dictates.

For instance with competitive currency and stock markets that are constantly evolving and devolving, with versions in place to activate you will have the ability to maximise all peaks in the global economic spectrum.

By restricting your success to the interminable buoyancy of domestics markets, consumer spending habits and currency, your own business activity will accentuate any market volatility that persists in the UK.

By taking your brand to a global audience you can not only bring increased stability to your business, but to the wider economy too.
By taking your brand to a global audience you can not only bring increased stability to your business, but to the wider economy too.

As a result by plying more resources in maximising any buoyancy in the export market, you can safeguard your results on a domestic level, providing increased stability nationally and a continual resistance of both stock and currency based volatility.

Practically to execute such an advertising tacts on a relatively global scale, the need to diversify your media buying toward a more programmatic or interactive is imperative for such a operation to succeed.

Firstly the need to foster a relationship with media buying providers that will facilitate this form of advertising is manifest.

Hulu for instance are currently marrying their inventory and matching it with on-demand providers to ensure advertising solutions are available at concurrent times, but on separate channels, with buying mobilised through data.

Thus by matching your own or external inventory to your desired advertising destination, you will have transparency concerning how and when your ad will be broadcast.

As a result should your reactionary approach to DRTV take too long to formulate and produce, you have versions waiting to be broadcast, ensuring a proactive reactionary solution is prevalent.

Space City utilises its own state-of-the-art DaVinci Grading and editing software to provide Hollywood clarity for less, with new ads available for less than £4,000.

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