Time consideration crucial to advertising

4th October 2017

Advertising, regardless of which platform you choose to display on, takes time to prepare, film and edit, ensuring of appropriate modular planning is imperative

TIME Is permanently of the essence as your business looks to create advertising material that compliments your modular campaigns.

If you utilise response advertising, or require seasonal interactions with your potential consumers, timing is crucial as you look to optimise your budget, efficiency and quality of your advert.

While with branded advertising you can be more selective – given the generic appeal that you can generate – more seasonally encompassing promotions, products or services; reactive campaigns for instance, need to be prepared with optimisation in mind.

Internally many businesses will have their own content plans, dissemination strategies and display advertising plans – video advertising is no different.

Your business may have deadlines in mind for when your TV or online promotions need to be broadcasted and displayed, however not leaving enough time for production.

If your creative is not ready to exploit the demand or you miss any media buying periods you may have pre-purchased you will essentially waste infinite sums of money for nothing.

Although targeting, placement and display derived from addressable techniques have been continually improving- for both linear TV and online – ensuring that you are proactive in your strategies; enchanting consumers either locally or nationally based on scale is imperative.

It is not just a case of filming and putting the ad on TV or within online channels; for both quality and legal purposes it is imperative that the ad is impartially appraised and edited in on and offline form.

Thus as you begin the process of planning your advert, it is necessary that you allow at least six weeks of time for your campaign to be prepared, filmed, edited and cleared optimally.

Accounting time for all eventualities is imperative as you look optimise your ads and budget.
Accounting time for all eventualities is imperative as you look optimise your ads and budget.

For instance as you prepare your placement and broadcast times – to accommodate your consumers – having this prepared before you approach your production company is imperative.

Once done you can begin opening up the pitch process, ensuring that your business has the creative company to provide you with the most swift and prolonged sales increases.

This process in some cases can take several weeks in itself: your own desires will have to be  outlined to the production companies you have opened the pitching process to.

Once they have prepared a raft of ideas and presented to you, ensuring you have your decision making process factored into your timing plan is crucial.

At this stage the planning process within your agency to prepare for the shoot will take at least two weeks.

Scripts will have to finalised, castings arranged for your prospective actors and crews prepared to compliment the location of your shoot, notwithstanding reconnaissance for locations.

Once your ad has been shot, the post-production period will take at least a week.

Allowing time for the ingesting of rushes, initial offline edits of footage and online versioning, will take manifold hours in an edit suite.

With this done, to optimise and accentuate certain details within your advert it is advised that your advert has a grade applied to it.

This will ensure that your ad is reflective in a contextual sense to what you are trying to convey to your consumer, disambiguating any uncertainties or imperfections with your campaign.

Leaving enough time to apply colour grading is imperative to your success.
Leaving enough time to apply colour grading is imperative to your success.

Although the end of the post-production process, your business will need to have had clearance from Clearcast on your potential script and concept ideas prior to filming taking place; expediting matters when it comes to the end of your commercial.

While final clearance will be necessary, having the earlier clearance can troubleshoot any potential risk of having to reshoot.

To ensure that your on-air deadline can be met, ensuring that you have internally researched and provided the substantiation to any claims made within an ad, prior to sending material to Clearcast is vital as you seek to expedite matters.

With clearance cemented early on you can then focus on ensuring that your transmissions are completed at least three days prior to your broadcast data; this will ensure that you do not incur any additional costs, as well as giving copy handlers ample time to raise any issues that may be found with your ads.

Thus reactive advertising – although crucial at times – is not advised from an embryonic prospective.

Re-editing existing ads to reflect any trends, spending patterns or periods of economic buoyancy or deflation, can ensure you ameliorate existing ads, not create entirely new ones.

With this practise of ensuring of clearance, creative direction and shoot times have been confirmed and protected by contracts is enforced, your business can protect itself from any financial and ethical issues.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio commercials for 25 years, fostering long-term relationships with Clearcast to ensure the advertising process is seamless.

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