Timing of your adverts is crucial to implementing a brand

8th November 2016

IMPLEMENTING Clear timing and clarity between your brand and the consumer is imperative at any point, especially at a time when society is bereft of it.

Direct response TV delivers instant results, however if your call to action is to attempt to immerse your potential consumer in a brand identity, being on top of trends, topical controversies and the consumer’s needs as a whole is imperative so to not find yourself cast adrift within uncertain times.

With the deadline looming for adverts to be ready for broadcast prior to Christmas, notwithstanding post Christmas and New Year, clear brand directives need to be established bearing in mind the fact that the New Year period will represent a more prudent time for consumers.

Timing continues to be crucial in ad campaigns.
Timing continues to be crucial in ad campaigns.

Therefore if you are seeking to implement a brand identity prior to 2017, it is imperative that ads are broadcast in an almost preparatory format, completely divorced from direct response.

The likelihood at this point of the year is that the majority of families will have a reduced level of disposable income to utilise on luxuries, with an average family spending 1.5% less after the Christmas period, this in spite of the surge in sales spending through price reductions and voucher presents.

Therefore to secure a strong upward trajectory throughout the year if you are a company that requires all-year-round business interaction, the brand rhetoric needs to be established early on.

Additionally according to the Mailing Manager, broadcasting an ad on Monday ensures the greatest exposure and engagement levels with the service or product being offered.

While many consumers will still have the majority of their disposable income to direct towards an impulse purchase, leaving broadcast too late in the week not only inhibits a company regarding the capital a consumer may have, but also the time a consumer may have to decide on any given purchase throughout the week.

Conversely if you are hampered by budget restrictions and can only broadcast ads for a small period of time, creating a call to action which keeps the audience engaged on other platforms after the initial engagement on TV is crucial.

The power of social media has been wildly overestimated in terms of timing of impact.
The power of social media can be hugely effective in terms of timing of impact.

If you are looking to create a brand response, then broadcasting those ads with a form of incentive or presence off TV that maintains your prevalence once your advert has ceased.

The most successful period for all industries is in the lead up to the Christmas and New Year period, but of course in order to maximise your given industry the use of metrics to gauge their TV viewing habits are vital to engaging with them during the correct broadcasts.

When seeking to cement your demographic within your TV commercial, ensure that the broadcast times will mirror that of when your potential consumers will be at home; not at work, school, or out on recreational activities.

Overall ensuring sufficient vox pops, planning and analysis of market trends are undertaken prior to determining the length, style and rhetoric of your campaign to maximise its effectiveness and ensure your brand is implemented correctly.



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