TV advertising: what not to do

30th August 2018
Cost-effective TV advertising production from Space City for Paradise Wildlife Park
Space City Productions low cost tv ad for Moonpig

Successful TV advertising needs to consider many creative and placement elements, but what new challenges do you face in the digital era?

TV Advertising is the most important element of any marketing strategy, but how do you ensure of avoiding key mistakes that could blight your ROI?

What should I do to protect the longevity of my creative?

Keep it generic and avoid referring to transient or niche subjects that may not carry relevance on other platforms.

In an advertising world where convergence is dominating how we advertise, focusing on context and tone is more crucial than producing creatives that look to relate to particular subject matters, places, programmes or individuals.

If you produce an ad that pays homage to a piece of current affairs, or even the channel or subject of the programming you expect your adverts to be placed alongside, your business risks reducing memorability and effectiveness if the context does not reflect what the consumer is watching.

Therefore, as you prepare the creative path for your new advert, devising a situation or means of showcasing your product of service without trying to appeal to niche consumers will be key – seemingly counterintuitive when trying to target more specifically.

Instead of appealing to consumers from within the creative, you should insert graphical changes and variations to compliment the specific viewers at any given time.

Server-side ad insertion is now possible thanks to the connected, addressable delivery of adverts contemporarily, which ensures the placement of your ads and their differing versions can be ameliorated with relevance in realtime, without the need of changing the advert itself.

Space City Productions low cost tv ad for Moonpig
Focusing on graphics changes over creative ones will boost results and improve TV advertising ROI

TV in its linear form is still enormously successful when it comes to brand building, thus the greatest mistake you could make as a business is neglecting this means of marketing.

Linear TV, programme sponsorship and prolonged DRTV is crucial in securing the longevity of your advert and your overall advertising ROI.

If your advert does focus on utilising language and scenarios that only appeal to limited consumer groups, you will stymie your ad effectiveness and render it useless should those subject matters lose relevance in consumer thought.

Therefore, focusing on permanent factors concerning brand and its values will be key to driving traffic online and stimulating short and long-term sales.

Avoiding claims in ads that will quickly change, such as being the best in a particular field, will safeguard your business against the potential risks of having to reshoot quickly.

Overall, though, longevity is fostered through ads that look to build relationships, which have lasting relevance because of the virtues, humour and experience offered in the ad.

If sales are to be prolonged and memorability increased, you need to avoid fact-based advertising production, or those that simply look to sell certain transient products and services.

How to optimise sales increases in the short and long-term

Although repeatedly showing ads over a period of time that is at least six months benefits memorability and effectiveness, those ads — if response driven — are not repeatedly shown to consumers in the same fashion, should they purchase a product or service from you.

While there is difficulty in implementing this with linear TV advertising production, if you use cloud-based data to deliver your ads that is interconnected to your online output and wider CRM, you can alter campaigns at server-side to display more brand-centric messages, which acknowledges purchases.

Therefore, to strike the optimal balance between response, relevance and resonance, having call-to-actions that stimulate consumers based on the platforms they most frequently use is key.

Having the knowledge of how an ad is being consumed can assist with developing more bespoke call-to-actions.

Bioglan TV advertising production with Matt Dawson
Providing consumers with clear CTAs is key to your TV advertising succeeding and building trust.

Above all, though, showcasing a problem and a solution from your business will be key to ensuring of instant results.

While promotions, offers and voiceovers can be changed, having a core creative that has empathy with consumers will enable you to run a campaign for longer and link to other brand-driven adverts.

TV sponsorship is the most effective means of optimising sales in the long-term, therefore, complimenting any linear campaign like this with an addressable response advert that can provide you with initial sales uplifts, will also provide you with data offerings that can improve future linear solutions.

By knowing how, when and why someone engages with your response ads, you can target consumers cross-platform with language and semantics that induce sales and foster brand.

Not incorporating addressable, programmatic or connected advertising at all will see your efficiency and ROI fall and overall CPA increase, too.

By avoiding the technical innovations that have proliferated, your linear advertising will be less effective, while your ability to make campaigns more relevant will be inhibited.

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