Victor’s 10 rules for a successful commercial

26th February 2020

Victor’s 10 rules for a successful commercial

Victor has been creating TV commercials for over 25 years.

But what are the key points for creating a successful commercial?

We asked Victor and this is what he said!

  1. Be clear about your objective. Is it brand, or response?
  2. Keep to a single, simple, straightforward message
  3. Be focused on your target audience
  4. Choose the best call-to-action for maximum response
  5. Incorporate a strong visual idea
  6. Make the brand intrinsic to the story
  7. Don’t spend more on your commercial than you have to!
  8. Test, pause, analyse and test again
  9. Don’t get obsessed about social media response or what your competitors are doing
  10. Be prepared to adapt and update
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