VOD can ensure ad success

28th April 2017

VOD has provided businesses and broadcasters with a further faculty to showcase brands, promotions and creative concert that can be attributable and credible.

While online has long been mired in issues regarding regulation, dependability and fraud, TV has provided the advertising solution that is not only credible, but the most successful means of reaching mass markets.

However should your business be seeking a more temporal, promotion centric ad, or are a niche entity looking to establish rapport with consumers cost-efectively, VOD provides the advertising panacea for you.

Although overall scale is inhibited by this means of advertising, the multiplier effect of utilising a TV associated entity can provide unbridled word of mouth awareness to further the organic presence of your brand.

Especially when utilising a more transparent, data driven means of advertising, focusing on the viewing behaviours of your consumers, ensuring your interaction is complimentary to the mood and emotive stimulants of the consumer.

Of course this can be assisted through the means of the creative that utilises the semantics that will resonate with them.

While this is compromised without the presence of ad inventory of your own, it can be attained through the latest innovations from Google that offer universal ad inventory that can be shared between your TV and online campaigns.

If your marketing spend can justify the inventory acquisition, the results elicited from such married campaigns ensure you can attribute and measure the effectiveness of the respective ad styles concurrently and in realtime.

Through VOD and data-driven media buying you can ensure sales increases and realtime measurability, boosting
Through VOD and data-driven media buying you can ensure sales increases and realtime measurability, facilitating inventory procurement.

Of course if you have your own customer accrued inventory, using their buying or KPI matching patterns to target the viewing habits of the those utilising the data collated with providers such as Hulu or Tivo for instance.

While there has been one incidence of prosecution thus far regarding the mishandling of consumer data and passing it on to third parties, with Vizio being fined $2.2 million, the lack of commercial and moral incentive to deploy such means of deceit has invigorated the clamour for greater regulation to grow the digital/TV merger.

Ensuring consumers, business and agencies employ transparency within all of their processes is imperative.

As customers like brands seek real-time clarity, while maintaining a degree of security throughout their online buying and browsing behaviour, ensuring such regulation exists in law will provide the statutory robustness to allow consumers not to adulterate their online behaviour.

Moreover the inherent regulation and resulting credibility that exists through TV can be replicated through the nuances of VOD.

Although it is not a legal requirement for ads being aligned to VOD content to undergo statutory clearance, providers can utilise the same clearance providers such as Clearcast to advise on the compliance of their content.

As such given that the power of TV advertising in itself provides the most efficient advertising campaigns, both in terms of sales and brand resonance, utilising VOD and its ability to harness your desired consumers as and when they are explicitly engrossed in the media that your advertising is aligned to, will provide the ultimate low cost, high impact solution.

Whether you seek to utilise VOD as a singular entity or ally it to your TV and other digital campaigns, the cost-effectiveness, ROI and sales are stimulated by the added presence of TV derived content, aligned to the transparency of online measurability.

Utilising VOD will ensure you increasing ROI and improving the ailing credibility of online.
Utilising VOD will ensure you are increasing ROI and improving the ailing credibility of online.

By adding VOD with TV to your advertising portfolio, you will initially enjoy sales increases of 36%, compared to just 27% without VOD.

The benefits of using VOD though are not limited to the ability to accrue more sales, by virtue of your ability to analyse the success of this means of advertising realtime and attribute it, you can make your job as either a marketeer and/or decision maker easier.

Additionally the data provided to you through advertising via VOD, will ensure your ad inventory can be proliferated with clarity for less, ensuring you can utilise other digital means of advertising your brand in future with your own data driven inventory.

While this benefits the efficiency of both your more linear TV and online campaigns as you seek to exploit other previously unfettered means of communication, your ability to even monetise and control who views your content is enhanced.

94% of all viewed video originates from TV, but just 10% of the most viewed ads online are TV original.

Thus ensuring your content bridges the gap between TV and online through VOD will immediately improve resonation and long-term sales success.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio commercials for 25 years, utilising training and accreditations from Clearcast to boost the credibility of your ads for less.

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