Creative concert is key to ad cost reduction

30th January 2017

CREATIVE Has long been the key to unlocking the potential of your brand and its identity, now in an increasingly digital age it can support you reducing costs.

TV continues to dominate the impact, sales, cost effectiveness and approval ratings of advertising, however utilising the strength of creative across multiple platforms is something relatively neglected.

The rise in technology like virtual reality, interactive ads and cookies ensures that your brand has the ability to tailor your whole advertising campaign to specific users.

General brand adverts on TV is still dependant on the creative and its ability to immerse your audience in a subjective context.

While both these entities are stand alone, utilising the brand response model to further your overall marketing activities online as well as on TV is imperative in 2017 and beyond.

TV adverts which encapsulate a brand incentive and niche that has to be exploited online, after the initial commercial, can continue to drive traffic to your websites.

The power of TV and a strong creative can bring more than just sales to your business.
The power of TV and a strong creative can bring more than just sales to your business.

Through collaborating all entities including TV, digital and print, to carry a collective rhetoric, recycling elements of the TV ad or adding smaller vignettes for online can reduce your advertising outlay.

Furthermore at a time when entertainment is becoming increasingly key to ad sharing and longevity, prioritising apt directorship and ad production to maximise the creative is imperative.

All of the top ten most shared ads online from 2017 are native commercials that were organic content, not shared via social media as a result of TV.

Therefore encouraging your consumers and TV viewers to engage with the ad itself online will save on investment in native content, when concerting your video optimised TV commercial for all platforms would be more cost effective and successful.

Emphasising the potential for production companies, media buyers and businesses to create autonomous content; not native, is the damning fact that 87% of all TV content is viewed live, not on other platforms.

With such enormous scope to make TV more shareable beyond the initial ad itself is now the paramount concern to businesses and production companies.

Not only will impact and reach be increased with effectively free impressions from online shares, costs will be reduced and potentially you can monetise your content as entertainment.

If creative is assembled that has entertainment value beyond the realms of TV, you can utilise your own social media and online platforms to be hosts for your concepts.

Television as a whole accounts for 94% of all consumed video content, this in spite of the exponential rises in online ad investment, where measurability of conversions may be more transparent, but not as lucrative or trustworthy.

TV holds such a monopoly over the video market, ensuring the scope is there to create a new creative niche yourself.
TV holds such a monopoly over the video market, ensuring the scope is there to create a new creative niche yourself.

Thus by combining the trust, dependability and quality of TV native content with the measurability of online, can create not only a marketing snow ball effect, but be a source of income to your business.

Installing a production company which is experienced, that has the personnel and facilities to deliver a durable, creative campaign is ever more imperative in the convergence age.

TV automation on its own is improving with ever growing inventories within interactive and addressable advertising, however if you are to create the highest impact, TV and online together is the strategy to take your brand forward.

Space City has produced original creatives for myriad companies for 25 years, ensuring start-ups and SMEs like Moonpig and GoCompare are now household names.

Relationships with media buyers such as Guerillascope, notwithstanding the software that is used by the company, ensures that the importance of directorship and communication are more imperative than in previous years.

Contact the team now and you can find the TV can make the entire process of advertising and measuring its success, cheaper and easier than ever before.





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