Do I Need A DRTV Advert? 13 Reasons Why The Answer Is Yes!

28th February 2022
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Firstly, What Is DRTV?

Direct Response TV commercials, or DRTV commercials as the term is more commonly known, are typically produced in order to promote services, sell products, and generate leads. DRTV commercials encourage consumers to actively respond to an offer, proposition or product. This customer response is often achieved through a call to action throughout the commercial, via:

  • The company logo displayed throughout the commercial (often seen in one of the four corners of the screen)
  • The Voiceover or to-camera speech
  • A Lower third telephone number/website (commonly known as the ‘strap’)
  • A temporary offer graphic (‘get a free £100 gift card when you sign up’)
  • A graphic promoting the businesses trustworthiness (i.e. Feefo Rating/Trustpilot logo)
  • An end-board displaying the website/telephone number/offer/rating in larger text.

Some excellent examples of DRTV adverts that utilise all of these means are the British Seniors campaigns.

DRTV is an excellent advertising style that can produce new business leads almost instantly.

How do we know what we’re talking about?

We have over 30 years of experience specialising in DRTV and BRTV commercials and versioning. Backed up by multiple relevant award wins, including ‘Best Creative Business’, and ‘Best TV Commercial Production Company UK’ , in addition to regular mentions and features in online articles and interviews: Including: Tech Times, Machine Labs, Deccan Chronicle, Business Reporter and many more.

Space City is known for its proficiency in the production of Direct Response (DRTV) commercials. They focus on the four E’s; engagement, entertainment, education, and experience. Producing T.V. advertisements that enlighten the consumer about a particular topic while promoting a product or a service – AKA DRTV Advertising.

Tech Times – David Thompson

13 reasons why you should consider DRTV advertising

DRTV is something that is vital as you look to keep sales consistently flowing — supporting wider economic stability. So why 13 Reasons for utilising DRTV? Well, there are many more, but to take the heat off your marketing team, here are the basics to help your next ad production.

Whether you are an experienced advertising entity, or new to the juggernaut of TV, the need to stimulate a consistent stream of sales is key as you look to justify further marketing investment and appease stakeholders.

Further to the generic need to keep your business in the black, ensuring that promotions are maximised and seasonal products sold, DRTV is needed to provide such instant, measurable responses to keep overall business confidence high.

Reason 1 of 13

Response as a whole.

In the short-term, a business cannot be more financially supported than through utilising direct response advertising.

When seeking to elicit instant sales across wide and niche consumer segments, DRTV can be easily measured and altered to ensure of efficient and prolonged responses.

Through Space City’s ads and the wider national picture, DRTV is universally successful in providing the short to medium-term boosts in sales, which serve to compliment your overall sales figures derived from brand awareness TV, online and other forms of advertising.

Reason 2 of 13

Quality data.

The buzzword of the last few years, data continues to dominate the KPIs of marketing directors across the world, but DRTV provides your business with the best opportunity to gather valuable, actionable data that can be used to improve all future advertising campaigns.

While brand awareness advertising production provides your business with the most long-term efficiency besides sponsorship, DRTV offers the data you need to establish what, how and why certain creative and media buying directions worked for your business, according to Ebiquity research.

This excels online due to the fact you know what content someone was enjoying at that moment; when exactly it was and whether the ad was actually consumed – online has distractions and consumption issues that can confuse statistics.

Cost-effective TV advertising for Patch Magic from Space City
For the best advertising campaigns, focusing on DRTV advertising delivery can provide you with unequivocal data streams.

Reason 3 of 13

It increases ROI.

Further to the recent report released by Ebiquity, your business is stronger when using TV instead of online display to boost instant results.

While using online targeting and retargeting may seem relevant, the success of your business in this instance rewards proactivity and the power of your SEO, not reactivity.

Conversely, DRTV delivered programmatically or in addressable fashion can work around the consumer – delivering ads to them relevantly and lucratively to eliminate waste.

Reason 4 of 13

You can showcase your products and services.

One element of advertising as a whole that carries the most leverage with consumers is advertising tact.

If you look to sell to the consumer, you will ultimately endure sales inefficiency, compared to showcasing your proposition, which could improve efficiency by more than 15%.

Reason 5 of 13

Your ads can foster memorability.

Similarly in the case of showcasing your commercials, when you are looking to make an ad more memorable, you can utilise the usage of video to convey the emotion, which will serve to boost the resonance enjoyed with your ads.

The emotions that are conveyed through your actors can be reflected on your consumers.

This neural coupling can ensure of increased memorability and ensure of a clear brand context to use in your overall marketing output.

Reason 6 of 13

It lowers costs.

PPC can be effective to a degree and offer you insights that would not have been conceivable on TV a few years ago, but it is inefficient compared to the traditional giant.

By adopting advertising principles that increase the usage of DRTV at the expense of online PPC, global advertising profit could increase by as much as $45 billion.

Reason 7 of 13

You can maximise the call-to-action.

The final instruction of an ad is what will ultimately induce sales, but only through DRTV do you have the premise to ensure of maximum concentration.

With online video you have myriad distractions that will increase CPA rates, while the quality of video and seamless delivery through TV ensures of improved consumer moods.

Reason 8 of 13

A call-to-action can be mobilised with emotion.

One of the key factors in persuading a consumer to purchase is emotion, thus appealing to a consumer through tone as a well as words themselves is something that can be achieved through DRTV and not PPC.

Reason 9 of 13

DRTV can help you alleviate short-term sales concerns.

If you are struggling for sales due to either a lack of awareness or promotion, by promoting a product or service through a DRTV commercial, your business is best placed to increase short-term sales.

Patch Magic dog in cost-effective DRTV advertising production
DRTV is the most lucrative means of unearthing short-term sales increases.

Reason 10 of 13

You can provide more detail than online.

Attention spans are decreasing, thus utilising a medium where concentration is heightened is imperative to your business succeeding.

Viewers are looking to experience something on TV and are not so convenience-driven.

Reason 11 of 13

You can allay any fears through TV.

By understanding your consumer, you can translate that understanding into placating consumers.

Unanswered questions can be rife without the emotional context and time you get with a TV commercial.

Reason 12 of 13

Improve your email marketing.

As appose to just having the knowledge that someone interacted with your ad, knowing what commercials someone likes and when can help you with your wider data application online.

Reason 13 

You can localise your consumer bases.

DRTV can be delivered to suit an eclectic array of consumer groups and through simple graphics changes or visuals, your ads can be used worldwide to compliment differing consumer groups.

Space City has been producing DRTV commercials for over 30 years, ensuring that businesses around the world have been able to enjoy quick sales increases.

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