Reversioning TV ads will save on costs

28th February 2022

What Is Advert Versioning?

Let’s say If you have say a 30 second TV advert that needs multiple cutdown versions creating, either for a new TV advert or for other platforms including Online, social etc. Space City are able to take your pre-existing TV production assets and re-edit them to make multiple brand new 10 second and 20 second versions. This process is known as versioning, for more information about versioning, visit this page.

What Is Advert Reversioning?

Similar to Versioning, Reversioning TV content is when we (Space City) use our in-house resources and equipment to edit existing footage and re-edit your TV content to change its intention. For example, you may want cutdowns of your commercial, or you might have a new sale that you want to promote, or you may want to re-order the scenes in the advert as you think it will increase its performance. There are so many reasons to reversion TV content.

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Why Reversion TV Content?

Advert reversioning can be an extremely cost efficient way of updating your TV campaign without having to shell out for a whole new advert, which would often requires a cast, crew, location etc. All of which of course increase costs and scheduling time for the production.

Cost & Timeline

If you consider all of the stages involved in producing an advert from scratch, you’ll soon realise how much faster reversioning your tv advert is than shooting a whole new creative, as well as how much you could save on advertising costs. Of course the success of Reversioning an ad is dependant on your intentions for the project, for instance are you reversioning your tv content in order to appeal to a new demographic, or is it because the advert will now be seen on a different platform, or perhaps a graphic needs updating. Whatever the reason it can save time and money.

Covid and Reversioning

Reusing the footage you already have reduces or even entirely removes the need for a new shoot. This can be seen as a positive considering Covid introduced a whole new array of restrictions on set, for example cast and crew had to wear masks, the proximity of artists in frame had to be increased, a new cost for supplying tests was introduced, the social distancing conditions for the hair and makeup team changed etc. In conclusion, reversioning TV content could mean not having to compromise on factors which you would have otherwise had to do if you were shooting new content in the midst of Covid-19.

How Much Does ReVersioning Cost?

A full reversioning of an existing stock footage advert for example, would cost under £4000, a far cry from the starting costs of TV commercial shoots that start from £10,000. Saving you advertising costs.

Therefore to create a system whereby whichever marketing direction you deem is cost-effective for your particular niche is relevant, reversioning existing content to suit fresh promotions or product launches is far more cost efficient.

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What Adverts Get Reversioned?

Of course any advert can get reversioned, although Insurance commercials are a great example of ads that get versioned and reversioned regularly. This is mainly because of the amount of graphics that require updating, and also because they have multiple phone numbers that they use in order to track where the customers have seen the ad. They then use that data to either play out more or less of their commercials on that channel in order to gain more business.

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How to reversion your TV Advert?

There are a number of ways advert reversioning can help save on costs. So how do you reversion TV content? The following is achievable at Space City thanks to our in-house facilities and resources, including:

  • End Frames / Pack Shots 

    Updates to an end-board/pack shot product or packaging visual can really enhance an otherwise outdated video. There is also the option of updating an existing advert with the clients latest branded packaging change. With access to your assets we can modify and create your packshot to suit your brand and brief.

  • Creating Cutdowns

    These tend to be in addition to producing a standard 30″ ad or to edit from a previous TVC, whether you’re needing a 10-second, 15-second or 20-second version we can create these with ease. Creating different versions of an advert can reflect a different purpose for each of the edits which can really aid using the same content on different platforms.

  • Captions, Legal & Graphics

    Adding these can be a quick and cost-effective way to update an advert. Of course any new claims are subject to Clearcast approval, and will need to be amended in accordance to the playout countries standards.

  • Voiceovers

    If you’re advert reversioning with different VO’s or foreign language VO’s, this often always isn’t as straight forward as swapping one language VO with another. Different languages have differing durations of speech, so this often requires further planning and amends which of course we can cater to.

  • Re-Clocking

    To find out more about clocking click here. Re-clocking is only required for TV broadcasting. this is in order to keep track of content going out for broadcast, this particularly comes in handy when versioning various telephone numbers on the same creative, British Seniors example below. At Space City we are experts in clocking delivery in order to ensure your ads get sent to the correct stations on time, (this is known as Transmission) saving you time and providing you peace of mind that all versions are accounted for.

  • Clearcast

  • Clearcast are the governing body for all TV Commercial clearance for UK broadcasting. All of our producers are Clearcast trained, therefore all of our re-versioned scripts and creatives will never risk not being approved.  Space City take care of all Clearcast clearance on your behalf, ensuring that your advert meets the legal requirements for broadcast.
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