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  • Effective advertising for post-GDPR times
    Effective advertising for post-GDPR times

    GDPR regulation can inhibit some businesses as they look to maintain sales success and consumer relationships, but how can you produce effective TV advertising for a new era? EFFECTIVE TV Advertising for a post-GDPR era will allow your business to be stronger, not weaker in the wake of the EU Commission's new implementation. The key to any campaign that seeks to engage consumers instantly is explaining everything you want to consumer to do explicitly, while also embedding certain desires into your creative - through the leveraging of musical jingles or dialogues. How you need to advertise in a post-GDPR marketing..

  • B2C adverts: how to make the best
    B2C adverts: how to make the best

    Advertising tact needs to differ emotively depending on the platform you are looking to generate interest from, but how can you create the B2C adverts that work omni-platform B2C Advertising is evolving in terms of what you need to provide your consumers, but how can you create material that will be effective omni-platform? Although your TV adverts, online PPC and inbound material will differ in how it attempt to snare the consumer from their existing convenience-driven gratification, the branding cues, call-to-actions and language need to inhabit identical metrics to ensure of consistency and trust. In terms of eliciting consistent and..

  • 4 ways to increase social media engagement
    4 ways to increase social media engagement

    Increasing social media engagement, consensual signup and data quickly is pivotal amid GDPR implementation; here are 4 ways you can boost organic engagement 4 Steps for social media success and proliferation: the proverb states, if you don't ask, you don't get, but this is the advice you should avoid with ads. As a means of stimulating conversation online and fostering engagement, myriad means of leveraging this future contact have been attempted, yet are inefficient and reduce ROI. Whether it be instilling hashtags or encouraging consumers to visit websites or certain social media pages, you will create a reticent and negative..

  • CGON launches first ever TV advert
    CGON launches first ever TV advert

    CGON, the producer of emissions-reducing, fuel economy-improving software has released its first ever TV advert with Space City CGON Has launched its first ever TV commercial with Space City, with a nationwide advertising campaign showcasing its ezero1 software. Promoting the aforementioned software, which is retrofitted to cars, vans and HGVs to improve fuel economy and reduce Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxide and Hydrocarbon Gas  emissions, Space City decided to utilise a bespoke musical score to engrain the brand in the minds of consumers. As appose to some elements of the advert being mobilised by music, the entire creative is driven by a..

  • Patience key to successful advertising
    Patience key to successful advertising

    TV advertising and the wider marketing production sphere is lacking one key virtue for optimal success: patience, but  what can your business do to facilitate it? PATIENCE Is crucial if your business is to enjoy long-term sales success and optimal consumer awareness in 2018 and beyond; here's what you need to do. With the ability for businesses to enjoy instant measurability and granular data from online and increasingly on TV, the need to exercise patience for advertising benefits has been declining. Although relative short and long-term success can be elicited through online adverts, PPC and direct response TV, the most..

  • Myths of social media advertising debunked
    Myths of social media advertising debunked

    Social media is an imperative tool for leveraging success, but the myths that state it assists sales efficiency, need to be debunked MYTHS Have pervaded myriad industries for millennia, but the most recent raft of musings and declarations have no factual basis concerning business success. Advertising on social media can be fraught with both emotive and contextual issues beyond your control, but this juxtaposition cannot be overcome by simply more sophisticated targeting. Data and your business' ability to use it is changing from May 2018, but regardless of the diligence that will be needed to ensure of compliance, simply injecting..

  • Participatory adverts: how to stimulate them
    Participatory adverts: how to stimulate them

    Advertising has continually evolved since inception, but what further creative innovations can help elevate your business to new heights? Participatory ones PARTICIPATORY and engaging advertising is imperative as you look to foster sales, resonance and the multiplier effect, but how can you deliver it? Amidst the technological revolution that has caused an increasing divergence from the traditional advertising norms, effectiveness has continually been compromised for myriad reasons - creative and display based. Although TV advertising has remained the most effective means of eliciting short and long-term sales, online advertising metrics have cast a shadow of ambiguity and opacity that has..

  • Online advertiser? What you need to do
    Online advertiser? What you need to do

    Advertising is continually converging to provide bespoke interactions that compliment consumers, but how can you ensure of optimal sales success online and beyond? ONLINE Advertising has been blighted over the last few years by fears of fraud, lack of consumption and lack of relevance, but how do you optimise it? With any form of advertising, there needs to be a degree of relevance that can incite response and further engagement, but amidst the conflict between what consumers want and what they are being delivered, a degree of inefficiency can prevail. In order to provide the quality of TV online, it..

  • Production of adverts: what to consider
    Production of adverts: what to consider

    Advertising production can be a swift or convoluted process, but what does your business need to consider before an advert is produced? PRODUCTION In advertising is the process that will optimise or emasculate your ROI, but what does your business need to consider before advertising on TV? From when you decide the time is right for your business to launch a TV advertising campaign -- or even online and radio campaign -- timing is of paramount concern, and mitigating any potential delays or strife through proactively organising certain elements beforehand, will ensure your company optimises ROI and protects itself from..

  • Influencer marketing: why you need TV too
    Influencer marketing: why you need TV too

    Influencer marketing provides irrefutable effectiveness for your business, but as the cost spirals, how can you lower costs and boost ROI? INFLUENCER Marketing is integral to any business operation as you look to boost awareness and short-term sales, but how do you maximise it? Amidst the clamour for big data; how to use it and when; being able to appeal to consumers at appropriate times and ultimately increase ROI, businesses have been ironically inclined to adopting the placebo practice - not what is actually effective. Although in the case of influencer marketing this is not the case, how a technique..

  • Creating successful adverts: how to do it
    Creating successful adverts: how to do it

    Creating the best adverts to compliment your TV, online and print outputs has to be done through consistency, but what makes a great advert in the digital age? CREATING Adverts that have ubiquitous appeal is possible, but there needs to be a consideration of consistency and user experience. Although TV advertising and its digitally-driven derivatives remain the most lucrative means of stimulating short and long-term sales increases, being able to exploit your other out and inbound marketing channels successfully is key. In order for this to be possible, an overall consideration to the consumer journey; navigation for instance and contextual perception is..

  • GDPR: how it can improve your advertising
    GDPR: how it can improve your advertising

    GDPR implementation is looming, but how can you turn any inconvenience into an advertising ROI increasing masterstroke? GDPR Is being implemented in May 2018, but the ruling should not mean compromised sales success; it can be the opposite with ironically simpler ads. Amidst the clamour for more data and an increase in its quality, you would think advertising campaigns need to be naturally more segmented and prolific? Thankfully for your business; no. Although collecting any new data streams consensually and with greater transparency for the consumer, your business is best equipped to do this by creating advertising campaigns that will..

  • Sales will increase through TV advertising
    Sales will increase through TV advertising

    TV advertising is enjoying a renaissance - if it ever dwindled in the first place - facilitating digitally savvy marketers and consumers for the first time - increasing sales SALES Are ultimately the reason why any business exists and seeks to cater for a demand that exists in society, but how has TV adapted to help your business? Aside from being able to measure the success and responses elicited from your ad campaigns directly and in a more actionable fashion, the capacity for your business to align your digital and TV advertising has been facilitated. With the Adobe Advertising Cloud;..

  • ITV penalty decision crucial for ad success
    ITV penalty decision crucial for ad success

    ITV has finally decided to facilitate a consumer base that has been clamouring for flexibility and measurability, but is it good news for your business? ITV Has removed late penalty charges to would-be advertisers for the months of April and May, but is this reason enough to utilise more reactive advertising? With online providing the facility for your business to react to certain market changes, or implement campaigns that are more interchangeable and driven by transient, unforeseen opportunities, TV has seen its revenues stymied by the demand catered for by online. Although gratification has been achieved from the measurability and..

  • Case study: how to create good adverts
    Case study: how to create good adverts

    What constitutes a good advert? We explore what your business needs to do to create lucrative adverts through a recent TV advertising case study CASE Study observation can act as relevant means of measuring advertising success, but what do you need to analyse and extrapolate to improve your ads? Whether you are looking to advertise using DRTV or a more long-term branded TV commercial, the key is to ensure you situate yourselves within the subconscious of your potential consumers. With creatives that may need to change linguistically to compliment semantics, trends and market behaviour, it is imperative that when looking..

  • Native advertising crucial to sales
    Native advertising crucial to sales

    Native advertising is dominating the sales success enjoyed by myriad businesses across the country, but how can you optimise it? NATIVE Advertising is imperative as your business looks to increase sales and harvest data ethically in a post-GDPR era - regardless of the platform. As you look to optimise your creative campaigns to suit consumer bases that engage using a breadth of technological interfaces, the need for more consumer knowledge is pivotal to your TV and other video campaigns too. Although online has been easily optimised to ascertain whether KPIs have been met, with TV, the nascent technological advances have..

  • Commercials: why TV is so important to you
    Commercials: why TV is so important to you

    TV commercials have been continually lambasted for their lack of modern relevance: in the data-driven age, they could not be more crucial COMMERCIALS Remain the UK's -- and the world's -- most lucrative means of providing short and long-term increases in sales: why is TV more relevant now, then? Research from entities like Thinkbox and Ebiquity has continued to debunk the theory that TV advertising as a means of offering efficient, data-rich outcomes is redundant. Rendering measurable results from linear TV has always previously been a difficulty with a lack of tethered links between phones and the online world for instance...

  • Lowering advertising costs? What you can do
    Lowering advertising costs? What you can do

    Advertising costs can sometimes feel exorbitant, but there are myriad things that can help your business with lowering costs LOWERING Advertising costs is something that is tangible for businesses of all sizes and industries, but what can you do to support your company's outlay? Artists, contracts and buyouts When devising a TV advertising creative -- or radio for that matter -- your business needs to consider how long your campaign will run for when deciding on the nature of artists' contracts and the nature of them. With a brand response campaign, which could be on air for many years as..

  • What makes a successful advert?
    What makes a successful advert?

    What do you think makes a good advert? Space City has been making them for over 25 years; find out what you should do, now WHAT Makes an advert successful? By utilising our comprehensive advertising guide, your business will be equipped to enjoy short and long-term sales success. Whether you are looking to focus on TV, online, radio or outdoor, the emphasis of any campaign will need to embody many transferable elements. How to make your adverts memorable Any advert, whether response or brand-driven, needs to foster memorability. Through making any advert communicative and rife with emotion and juxtaposition from..

  • Website launched by Space City
    Website launched by Space City

    The UK's number one producer of  cost-effective TV commercials, Space City, has unveiled its brand new website SPACE CITY Has launched its new website, with the UK's most productive advertising company revealing the site as a part of a brand refresh. The previous iteration has been completely overhauled, with convenience and usability at the heart of the design. A new masthead has been embedded to improve navigation, while a showreel video is now present on the homepage amidst tasters of Space City's award-winning work. With all information about Hammersmith and Fulham's Employer of the Year featuring on the main page..

  • Advertisers lack knowledge to help you
    Advertisers lack knowledge to help you

    Advertisers have had to evolve to provide support for the unwavering development seen across the advertising industry, but are the 'experts' failing to lead when businesses need them to ADVERTISERS Have continued to fail clients and the wider economy due to a lack of knowledge, faith in what works and understanding of client needs. While this notion may seem easy to quash and rebuke amidst the consistent increases in advertising spend and revenue, yet how this success is segmented and realised, leads to a damning indictment of an industry bereft of leadership, knowledge and chutzpah. Marketers omni-industry desire above-all-else, agencies..

  • RSPCA launches new ad with Space City
    RSPCA launches new ad with Space City

    Eponymous animal welfare charity, the RSPCA has returned to TV advertising with a new creative produced by Space City THE RSPCA Has released its new TV advert with Space City, showcasing the horrific plight of the Whippet, Clover and her subsequent recovery with the RSPCA. The egregiously abused dog is featured throughout the advert - at both first and end branding, to ensure of maximum retention, memorability and instant response. Emotive consistency was underscored in the advert by the visuals and audio, for the benefit of response through calls, texts and online engagement. Having been found abandoned in 2016, Clover..

  • Economic growth dependant on advertising
    Economic growth dependant on advertising

    UK Economic growth figures for the final quarter of 2017 were better than expected, what can your business do to improve this though? ECONOMIC Growth ensures that your business can facilitate further buoyancy and long-term staff investment, but how can your advertising stimulate this? Although improved figures released by the ONS (Office for National Statistics) for the final quarter of 2017 are promising, there is increased capacity for improvement as a result of inclusive advertising. With more participants in the economy through nothing more than organic awareness, your business will enjoy increases in sales, increased company worth, therefore more surplus..

  • Journalism quality stifling ad trust
    Journalism quality stifling ad trust

    The quality and trust in advertising and journalism has waned in recent years, but what can your business do to ensure that industry faith is restored? JOURNALISM Quality and trust has been in decline in recent years, but with a lack of trust in overall narratives, advertising has also been impaired. Although different industries, managed by different individuals and for different purposes, both agencies/production companies and news outlets are intrinsically linked and co-dependant on one another in many contexts. Firstly, as agencies look to increase their own exposure to appeal to businesses, the nature of the initiatives they devise and..

  • Google’s latest initiative will boost sales
    Google’s latest initiative will boost sales

    Google's latest plans to boost its profitability and help businesses have heralded a seminal moment for targeted advertising, but how can you maximise it? GOOGLE's New advertising software can ensure of unparalleled levels of relevance to consumers, while providing unrivalled efficiency to TV advertising too. Through its Double Click Ad Insertion software, businesses will be able to see their ads placed before relevant consumers in realtime - in the wake of actual events or relatable data. For instance, if you have a TV advertising campaign that is being broadcast and you want to elicit an online call-to-action, your business could..

  • Competition key to sales increases
    Competition key to sales increases

    Competition between businesses is strong, but expedited advertising can be usurped by increased agency collaboration COMPETITION Is imperative for any progressive and functional economy to operate, but within the industry itself old habits continue to permeate. With the drive from businesses to become more ethical in their overall practices, the agencies and production companies themselves need to embody a more progressive, innovation-centric approach to advertising. The complicity to continuing stereotypes has only served to perpetuate the continuing divide between consumers and businesses. Therefore beyond the ethical soundbites and periphrastic directives that carry little or no relevance to a company's overall..

  • Animal usage improves your advertising
    Animal usage improves your advertising

    As you look for more ways to influence advertising success beyond that of the increasingly ubiquitous targeted means, animal usage can provide you with unrivalled success ANIMAL Usage has long been a key emotive tool for advertising and has developed an immortality while previous techniques have perpetuated mediocrity. A plethora of adverts since the culture of TV advertising began in the late 1940s, or advertising as a whole have all been included for one reason: to evoke an emotional response from the consumer, one that can either change perceptions or by humanising animals creates an abstract reality for the consumer..

  • PPC fundamentally flawed for success
    PPC fundamentally flawed for success

    PPC is an oft used and successful means of eliciting sales and usurping your competition, but is it efficient and worthwhile? PPC Continues to dominate the advertising industry and provide irrefutable sales success as a result, but does it support your business in the long-term? With any form of advertising you ultimately have to deliver it to appeal to some degree of sentiment, thus eliciting emotion and fostering trust. The issue with PPC is not the fact that it does not target the wrong consumers - although it can - it is that it is doing so in a very..

  • Hashtags: don’t be the poor trend
    Hashtags: don’t be the poor trend

    Advertising techniques are becoming increasingly streamlined in nature, but with certain gratifications necessary on specific platforms, there still has to be an element of native thought regarding hashtags and other means of personal advertising HASHTAGS Are used as means of mobilising and fostering brand community, but as a means of alerting new consumers, it is fundamentally flawed. Whether you are advertising on TV, online or other means, there has to be a fundamental difference in your delivery in order to appease the fulfilment desired from the consumer. This has to be the ultimate directive; you cannot seek to enchant new..

  • Originality vital for advertising success
    Originality vital for advertising success

    Amidst the offer heavy, brand weak online driven advertising direction, the lack of originality has helped perpetuate long-standing issues ORIGINALITY Is imperative for your business succeeding in the long-term, with only short-term success delivered through promotions. Beyond your paid advertising, your business - regardless of size - strives to elicit the highest volume of organic sales as a result of the multiplier effect and SEO. Whether this is within TV or online, there is much that needs to be universally to transform advertising and ensure it is a true reflection and compliment to your entire external communications output. Although not..

  • Tips for maintaining consumer interest
    Tips for maintaining consumer interest

    Advertising is fraught with difficulty beyond just the quality of the advertising itself: our tips can ensure you deliver higher quality ads. TIPS To produce indomitable advertising: it should not have to be gated; restricted: your advertising can be formidable with simple display tweaks. Ultimately there is a gargantuan amount of due diligence to undertake before you submit your advertising campaigns for broadcast or online placement. An increasingly perennial issue with online advertising and placement has been the issue regarding transparency. Myriad businesses struggle to actually track where and who there ads are being displayed to; without such transparency or..

  • Scale: why your business still needs it
    Scale: why your business still needs it

    Advertising has become increasingly enamoured by qualitative, targeted consumer segments; scale though is intrinsic to long-term success SCALE Has become the passé term within advertising contemporarily, ultimately though this element is crucial for brand awareness. During the last year, the ROI of businesses in advertising has fallen, with the common denominator being the omission or reduction in TV advertising expenditure. While TV has maintained a steady share of market expenditure, online has increased its own presence year-on-year, culminating in it accounting for over 50% of total spend by businesses. Although spend has increased and eclipsed TV by 17% in the..

  • Mistakes to avoid in modern advertising
    Mistakes to avoid in modern advertising

    Advertising is becoming increasingly accommodating to the gratification sought by consumers, avoiding these mistakes will ensure of resonance and sales growth MISTAKES Have been perennially made by businesses and agencies alike as they look to increase growth through advertising: this is how you avoid them. Although there is no definitive mantra to produce adverts, there are increasingly paradigm dependent nuances that need to be addressed. As you look to produce ads that are online friendly in their ability to engage, enchant and beguile consumers, there above all needs to be an avoidance of offer based advertising - delivered in a..

  • Clearance for ads needs to be global
    Clearance for ads needs to be global

    Advertising clearance is mandatory for any ad going on TV, but with increasing doubts over online security, the clamour for universal clearance is palpable CLEARANCE Of your adverts is imperative as you look to maximise spending and eliminate wastage, but how can the process be simplified? Clearcast are the judiciary of your advertising creatives, ensuring that ads do not breach any laws or cause controversy. With such vast and eclectic factors that affect advertising; any claims, contextual portrayals or stereotypes need to be addressed. By not having a universal law or set of guidelines, the arbitrary influence on your adverts..

  • Offer driven adverts are ineffective
    Offer driven adverts are ineffective

    Persuading your consumers with an offer may say prudent, but as you create more efficient, intuitive advertising it is actually detrimental OFFER A consumer a proposal that commercial supersedes that of your competitors and you are likely to elicit a sale, but that is it. Being associated with just offers; lucrative deals that can temporarily entice consumers, will only serve to lower your advertising efficiency and not keep them within any form of sales funnel. Although at that form of sales contact you have the invaluable possession of consumer data that you can utilise at will, it is only the..

  • Dream advertising: a panacea for all
    Dream advertising: a panacea for all

    With online advertising continually being criticised amid mass failings, TV advertising would appear to be a step back: fear not, dream big with TV and online DREAM Advertising is an often utopian ideal that is inherently flawed amidst either opacity or a lack of accountability: the panacea is nearing. Although predominantly in their nascent forms, if your business is looking to relaunch its branded advertising or shift in tact, preparations should be made to deliver collective advertising that embodies all conceivable consumer engagement channels. While your business may have a presence omni-platform, it is not cohesively linked through your consumer..

  • Ethics imperative to advertising success
    Ethics imperative to advertising success

    Advertising, business, journalism and wider society are all intrinsically linked by one major force of change: ethics ETHICS Control the entire long-term prospects of your business, yet transient short-termism has led to an overall decline in ad success: why? Advertising has been reinvented, interpreted and sold as a force for myriad functions; a creative force; a persuasive one; a form of branded content. What it ultimately is though is a means of persuasion and enlightenment - there is ultimately commercial gain to be made by publicising your brand. While this has been widely accepted as the consensus within business, baring..

  • Science vital to advertising
    Science vital to advertising

    Advertising is dominated by data, the power of search and transient events, employing science and emotion within your ads though will ensure of success SCIENCE Has cemented the success of myriad businesses thanks to advertising that can circumvent conscious though; now it is your turn to succeed. With simple, qualitative research that can organically dictate the tone and context of your entire advertising quota, you can ensure that your creatives do not alienate any members of your audience. Through a variety of sectors both men and woman respond in a similar fashion to adverts, but in some it differs. After..

  • Making the perfect response advert
    Making the perfect response advert

    Advertising has become increasingly modular, segmented and targeted, with brand authority declining, making the perfect response advert has become increasingly fraught MAKING Perfect advertising is an ideal that is fraught with transient exterior effects, but with response key, there are myriad elements in your control. Planning your display, broadcast and efficiency From the planning process of your advertising creative, to your media buying, your business's prerogative should be a constantly evolving one, with an interface that embodies flexibility and data exploitation. Within an age of collaboration it is imperative that your business replicates this philosophy when looking to improve your..

  • Greed ironically lowering advertising return
    Greed ironically lowering advertising return

    Advertising has been stymieing social mobility and sales growth; the irony is that greed and selfishness has perpetuated these issues while they should be incentivising change GREED Is oft regarded as an unwelcome trait within business and within society as a whole, it should though be a reason to initiate advertising change. Amidst the increasing clamour from businesses for accountability, measurability and actionable data, you would think that an increase in knowledge would ensure that advertise seeks to appease consumers with greater depth, versatility and reflection of their lives. With ads in particular online driven towards either location based and..

  • Access advertising for less with Comp365
    Access advertising for less with Comp365

    Advertising is a pre-requisite of controlled business growth and autonomy, ensure you access it for less thanks to the latest in free procurement ACCESS To advertising from a cost and logistics prospective has never been better; collaboration though has taken it further still. With the desire to boost accountability, measurability and lower costs, myriad businesses have chosen an autonomous approach to advertising: this is inefficient. Even with in-house production teams, your business will lack the eclecticism of experiences within the advertising world to provide versatile, optimised solutions that continue with the evolution of marketing quality. In order to access an..

  • Time consideration crucial to advertising
    Time consideration crucial to advertising

    Advertising, regardless of which platform you choose to display on, takes time to prepare, film and edit, ensuring of appropriate modular planning is imperative TIME Is permanently of the essence as your business looks to create advertising material that compliments your modular campaigns. If you utilise response advertising, or require seasonal interactions with your potential consumers, timing is crucial as you look to optimise your budget, efficiency and quality of your advert. While with branded advertising you can be more selective - given the generic appeal that you can generate - more seasonally encompassing promotions, products or services; reactive campaigns..

  • Mental health awareness key to advertising
    Mental health awareness key to advertising

    Advertising may be focused around appeasing the unimpaired, but ensuring of mental health and disability awareness is key to advertising and wider business success MENTAL Health awareness and assistance is continually improving in wider society, but within advertising it remains ostracised and neglected. Although now firmly in the public domain, the issues regarding both mental health and an understanding of it are consistently ignored in both national and international advertising. Despite the overall domestic statistics regarding both physical and mental disability, with one in four people suffer from a form of mental illness during their life, notwithstanding the 13 million..

  • Socially mobilising ads: why you need them
    Socially mobilising ads: why you need them

    Advertising is necessary for exposure, but ensuring that you create a better world as a result is vital as you socially mobilise your consumer base SOCIALLY Mobilising your consumer base is imperative to ensuring you maximise your ROI and gain long-term resonance through advertising. In order to instigate social mobility in your advertising, work needs to be done to identify the brand ethos you are looking to assert through your products or services. Once chosen, ensuring that you do not just look to choosing any group, belief system or stereotype to dispel is crucial. The tact you choose at this..

  • SME? How to make the perfect advert
    SME? How to make the perfect advert

    Advertising, whether you are a major corporation, start-up or SME is a challenge; knowing what to prioritise is riddled in bureaucracy, but you need to follow these tips for success SME Business success is fraught with dilemmas concerning growth, capacity and ambition: all this hinges on the advertising tact of your business. Advertising has increasingly become more of a placement and data driving force, not one that seeks to enchant, beguile and resonate. Although symptomatic of the metrics that have led businesses to online in the first place: the desire for response, information, viewing habits and expedience, these luxuries have..

  • Awareness vital for investment and growth
    Awareness vital for investment and growth

    If you want to ensure of scaled business growth, accountability and investment potential, the need for credible, trusted advertising and data sources is manifest for awareness AWARENESS Is being increasingly dismissed by some businesses as they look to differentiate from competitors: that though is vital for growth. Advertising has shifted in its cultural, social and business significance over the decades; more than ever though you need to prioritise generating awareness to increase trust, resonance and memorability. Although Eat Natural's prerogative has been to avoid the advertising sphere - focusing on an anonymity and product values to foster loyalty - it..

  • Costs of advertising: keep it below 10k
    Costs of advertising: keep it below 10k

    Advertising costs have been spiralling for myriad reasons, focusing on the power of editing and you can still create symbolic, powerful advertising that elicits long-term sales success COSTS Naturally seem to spiral with inflation, increased competition and expedience, but you do not have to waste exorbitant amounts on advertising. Ultimately an ad which has several million pounds spent on it will be successful for your business, but that level of outlay does not have to be conflated to guaranteeing success. Depending on the size and age of your business, you will of course of budget constraints, ensuring that certain creative..

  • 2 Ways to optimise your ads online
    2 Ways to optimise your ads online

    Optimising your online advertising output once your consumers are stimulated is imperative and needs to be emotive centric: compliment them using these 2 steps 2 STEPS Towards securing a more robust, complimentary and SEO friendly advertising output: it just requires collaboration and automation. The forever evolving and improving autonomy delivered by myriad tech firms: Video Amp, Adalyser, Adobe and Google to name but a few, your business and your consumers have the power to dictate advertising placement, style and delivery, not opaque conglomerates where calibration is driven by unfiltered, unaccountable data sources. What your business needs to do as you..

  • Contrast key to an SME’s branded ad
    Contrast key to an SME’s branded ad

    Contrast may seem like a disruptive, confusing element to embed in your advertising, but it is intrinsically imperative to as success CONTRAST And transition can be portrayed in an eclectic array of manners, through changeable, contextually clear advertising you will succeed. In a literal sense the power of contrast is inexorably prevalent within your ads, ensuring of 20% increased response and retention upon end branding. Although in itself an improving factor for your advertising, your ultimate success has to be derived more so from science and the impact that certain branding, context and concept cues can have on cognitive activity...

  • SEO key to online growth amid targeting drop
    SEO key to online growth amid targeting drop

    SEO is already key to brand exposure online, your ranking and overall CRM development; as targeting flounders you need to optimise your organic reach SEO Needs to become your business' cornerstone of online development, with the need to prioritise it to offset any declining data streams from Apple. The announcement from the commercial juggernaut has been met with widespread anxiety and condemnation from business leaders, with the fate of many online content streams compromised. Although not entirely damning for retargeting as we know it and the ability your business has to impose and assert yourselves on consumers, it will inhibit..

  • Optimise your ads through social
    Optimise your ads through social

    Given the increasing convergence between TV, online and data providers, ensuring this translates to your employees as you optimise advertising OPTIMISE Your advertising unilaterally and ensure of optimal efficiency, multiplier effects, long-term sales growth and CRM cultivation. The collaboration between TV and online as both platforms look to optimise your advertising collectively has been long overdue - your business is stronger when utilising both. With TV now augmenting their advertising campaign delivery with means of programmatic, addressable placement, notwithstanding actionable, realtime analytics, your business can enjoy the levels of measurability enjoyed by online, but with the scale and emotive resonance..

  • Make the perfect advert
    Make the perfect advert

    The perfect advert is perennially relative to the business in question, however to ensure you make it perfect there are numerous techniques that you need to follow MAKE The perfect advert that embodies your brand vision and ensure that you employ consistency: your optimised advertising panacea. Ultimately your entire advertising output has to be underscored by a fundamentally binding brand vision; one that can be altered to accommodate response campaigns, as and when they are necessary for product launches or promotions for instance. Without a set branding guide your advertising will lack consistency and resonance will be affected as a..

  • News: Why advertising can follow suit
    News: Why advertising can follow suit

    News has the ability to proliferate and burgeon across the web with ease: it is worth talking about - ensure your advertising is too NEWS Continues to compel your consumers, foster debate and dominate both the TV and online viewing spheres: advertising take note. TV advertising has long been served its death sentence as other more accountable, measurable and actionable means of advertising have delivered lower costs and more targeted results. What has lacked in online's roster invariably has been the transparency of true ad consumption, placement, display and fears of fraud. At a time where TV has continued to..

  • Niche celebration crucial in advertising
    Niche celebration crucial in advertising

    Celebrating your brand niche needs to be done more than ever; with a tendency to appeal to impulse your niche has been neglected NICHE Celebration is something that should be a prerequisite to your advertising campaigns, however amid targeting businesses have lost focus. Amidst the news that connected TV advertising inventory looks set to double within the next three years, the matter of capacity should be secondary consideration when the very advertising broadcast does not expound your brand at all. Ultimately businesses centred around online circles only have become driven toward conciliating the consumer to your brand; when it should..

  • Agency costs will come down
    Agency costs will come down

    Amid the rise in competition across advertising as a whole, agency costs will decline as the power of supply and demand proliferates quality not budget AGENCY Leaders will be gripped by anxiety as advertising autonomy becomes ubiquitous, ensuring they embody the creative nous you desire is imperative. As you seek an advertising agency that suits your business, one that delivers the advertising concept that can propel your brand into industry folklore, the parameters of your own search should be based on their ability to optimise their own content among other factors. While of course credibility, credentials and provenance ensure that..

  • Merge advertising through omni-ads
    Merge advertising through omni-ads

    Advertising is becoming continuously easier to converge omni-platform, ensuring you avoid industry dogma and merge your efforts is easy and lucrative MERGE Advertising output and ensure your business is liberated from the ulterior forces that will only serve to stymie your impact and flexibility. Although great strides have been made to remove certain barriers that businesses face as they look to find a true advertising panacea, dogmatic complicity has continued to plague some businesses. While agency share deals should be a construct of the past in a bid to boost response, memorability and publicity, the lack of individual, targeted optimisation..

  • Literary freedom and legal protection
    Literary freedom and legal protection

    Literary freedom and the ability to interpolate consumers is not unethical, law flouting firmly is and can be easily avoided. LITERARY Devices have been perennial statements of expression, interpolation and creative freedom, ensuring they are celebrated is imperative. Considering the continuous battle for global literary competence during and beyond International Literacy Day, the key is education and exoneration from ignorance. Every mind has the ability to conceive symbolic, inspiring and innovative ideas within an unfettered framework - and this should remain the case. The issues that have blighted advertising and businesses like yours in recent years though is the lack..

  • Targeted local advertising: why you need it
    Targeted local advertising: why you need it

    Targeted advertising is in the ascendancy, but ensuring its reliable and not just algorithmically driven is key TARGETED Advertising has been the seminal buzzword for marketers for the last few years, ensuring though that it is content and geographically driven is key. Whether your business has decided to remain loyal to traditional means of advertising as they evolved, or migrated to more nascent forms of publicising your business, optimisation and compromise has been fraught and prevalent. Through the harnessing of the latest addressable and programmatic technology you can ensure that more seasonal, transient ad campaigns can still carry the memorability..

  • Shared advertising can be dangerous
    Shared advertising can be dangerous

    Advertising content is becoming increasingly cost effective, ensuring not too much IP is shared though is key to your advertising success SHARED Advertising content and delivery style is something that is fast becoming ubiquitous: caution should be exercised though for success. Myriad free, licensed content generation websites have been proliferating search engines, Facebook ads and other forms of video media - the perfect bespoke marketing strategy that suits companies like these. A perfect showcase, laden with communication, humour, empathy; ensuring that the affirmation vital to brand awareness is struck - this does not work or every business though. Promo for..

  • Customer journey: the lucrative timeline
    Customer journey: the lucrative timeline

    With autonomy fast becoming a ubiquitous force within advertising, preparing for it is crucial as you build your evolving customer profile CUSTOMER Journeys are rapidly becoming more intuitive and the punishments for not being so are increasingly severe: timing is crucial though. Amid the liquidation of numerous well funded start-ups during 2017 alone, the exposure and purpose of the brand needs to be clearly and unambiguously conveyed. With the clamour for data and accurate CRMs, sales info is of course the ultimately conversion that ensures you can optimise your future targeting. Moreover given the abilities associated with the power of..

  • Local advertising booming on TV
    Local advertising booming on TV

    Truly optimised local advertising that offers transparency has been nothing more than an ideal, through TV though it can be reality LOCAL Advertising has long been prevalent across TV and increasingly online, to ensure you maximise your budget though, TV is the only answer. The power of advertising on TV is unprecedented and is only increasing in efficiency thanks to the revolution that is programmatic. Although similar iterations can be found online, it lacks the transparency in the case of the complicit duopoly that is Google and Facebook. With no mutual conformation of the data sources of Facebook, Google and by..

  • Content delivery for TV ads stronger
    Content delivery for TV ads stronger

    Programmatic technology has resembled one of the saving graces of TV and further illustrated the inefficiencies of online ad content and delivery CONTENT Delivery has been optimised to such an extent that the already inexorable advertising force that is TV has been strengthened further. TV is changing towards being an internet delivery, in other words: it will become ‘programmatic TV’. This will be the solution to everything. It makes it possible for brands to apply digital advertising’s efficiency models to TV advertising. Programmatic TV is a technology-automated and data-driven method of buying and delivering advertisements against TV content. This ensures that..

  • Optimised advertising revolution arrives
    Optimised advertising revolution arrives

    Advertising has reached a seminal moment for optimised content and delivery, the directive needs to be driven towards connectivity OPTIMISED Advertising is something that has been somewhat of a buzzword for marketers in recent years, executing it in ubiquity though needs to occur. Although TV has been inroads into the targeting juggernaut that is online and mobile, it has been detached somewhat from the general algorithms and means of harvesting data that has ensured many businesses have plied resource into digital advertising iterations. With progress made in terms of efficiency and the ability to automatically interchange and optimise linear TV..

  • Advertising online only is detrimental
    Advertising online only is detrimental

    Ostracising certain elements of advertising is something you cannot afford to do, converging all media is imperative to sales success ADVERTISING Has been transformed from an insular, dependable unambiguous being, to a contentious, evolving and diverse sector: you can keep up though. In the digital era we live in, it is predicted that there will be more money spent on internet advertising than on TV commercials, because of the growth in smartphones. However, Google, Netflix and Facebook spent 60% of their own marketing budgets on TV ads in the UK. This is because TV is still the most effective channel..

  • License to sell: advertising imperatives
    License to sell: advertising imperatives

    Many factors stifle your ad efficiency, ensuring that you keep abreast of license litigation is crucial to long-term profit potential LICENSE May seem like a litigious term to use within such a creative construct as advertising may be, but awareness is imperative. Entrenched within the additional commercial costs that are seemingly tertiary to the output of advertising, licenses, the nature of them and the diligence of how they are conceived can dominate the extent of your advertising success. Although not a pre-requisite to you advertising, whereby artists do not necessarily have to be used, the usage of professional actors, specially..

  • Great British Bake Off for advertising
    Great British Bake Off for advertising

    The Great British Bake Off has reinvigorated an apparently ailing and broken linear TV sector, the key as always has been the content GREAT British Bake Off pandemonium is gripping TV screens across the UK, with TV advertisers flocking to the popular shores: content is key. With the migration of advertising budgets in their droves to online, VOD and SVOD, linear TV has been continually maligned for its lack of measurability, accountability and popularity for the millennial age. Of course facts point to the contrary where efficiency and success are concerned, with the impetus for advertisers moving online having been..

  • Cheap advertising production: costs matter
    Cheap advertising production: costs matter

    Advertising costs may seem indicted to increase incrementally, through TV and online in tandem you can keep it cheap CHEAP Advertising may seem counter-productive to the entire purpose of marketing your company, but it need not be a commercial oxymoron. With the increasingly online driven world of advertising, buying, selling and overall business, the tendency to physically ply resources in certain companies is becoming obsolete. Through the implementation of Blockchain technology, the already erstwhile metrics of communication through media like Skype and tariff free ability to communicate worldwide, your business is sufficiently equipped to grow worldwide regardless of internal economic..

  • Directing key to successful advertising
    Directing key to successful advertising

    Directing is oft overlooked when producing advertising campaigns, when looking to instil memorability though its impact is invaluable DIRECTING Is an imperative element of advertising that underpins the very tone and consistency of your commercials: risk declining sales if neglected. With the emphasis on online advertising for many companies; banner ads for instance that focus on display and retargeting, the curation of advertising content that looks to embody the content associated with it has been neglected. While for counter-productive reasons, ones where only arbitrary arguments could support, the crux of the shift was instigated by the striving for expedited and..

  • Flexible advertising crucial to success
    Flexible advertising crucial to success

    With increasingly transient financial times, where trends come and go, the common denominator of failure is those who are not flexible enough to go nouveaux FLEXIBLE Advertising tacts have become increasingly pivotal to appealing to vastly juxtaposing audiences: without them you will lose money. Historically and contemporarily businesses have used shorter, longer and adaptable versions of similar ads to appeal to audiences within different states of mind, with the additional necessity to accommodate online. Although using such versions to ascertain success in the short and long-term ultimately delivers substantial conclusions, the speed and depth of those conclusions is ultimately as..

  • CRM: How to master it for ad automation
    CRM: How to master it for ad automation

    The importance of accruing and harvesting data for CRM is manifest, ensuring you do it organically is increasingly simple, but imperative. CRM Management has increasingly been enjoying a more automated, less labour intensive undertaking, such automation though should be harnessed. Data has been the ubiquitous source of glib amongst many within the advertising industry within recent years, however the cost and reliability of it has been open to much conjecture. Third-party data that has been sold via commercial means is still a nascent means of advertising, more the opaque means of twinning data with display or programatic campaigns that are..

  • Cost: how much for successful advertising?
    Cost: how much for successful advertising?

    The cost of advertising is often varied and interspersed with confusion and opacity, now enjoy some clarity COST Is sometimes not the imperative factor when deciding where and how to go about your advertising: but control has never been better. Through the rise of online and the ability to measure and account for any success and failure in realtime, branded advertising has suffered as a result, skewing the trust and efficiency of advertising on TV. What has exacerbated the problem for TV is the culture of subservience and an unwillingness to disagree with the decided concepts on the company's part...

  • Brand reiteration improved by addressable
    Brand reiteration improved by addressable

    Amid the rise in the usage of addressable advertising, the capacity for brand to enjoy increased onus has been facilitated BRAND Is the single greatest leveraging force that can be the difference between your business enjoying prolonged success or failure: its improving. The rise in digitalised advertising metrics has been speculatively and spuriously heralded as the end of TV advertising: it has provided the invigorating force for change. Addressable TV, notwithstanding interactive has ensured that linear TV advertising analytics have had to change in order for TV's true impact to be measured. Neilsen has shifted the way it analyses the..

  • Davis negotiations poignant to ad errors
    Davis negotiations poignant to ad errors

    Amidst the EU negotiations and the mooting of a transition trading arrangement by David Davis, your advertising output can heed great virtue from the process DAVID DAVIS Has suggested the idea of a temporary customs system will mitigate the sudden shift in fiscal operations facing the UK: the reaction is key. In the wake of the announcement by the UK's Brexit Secretary, the financial markets were boosted indubitably with the offering of more gradual and seamless fiscal transition. Ultimately what your business can learn from the reaction to this news is that the country as a whole is performing at..

  • Why you need risk averse advertising
    Why you need risk averse advertising

    Advertising has been driven towards measurability and accountability, but why not transparent automation? WHY Has it taken for new innovations in advertising play out and measurement for some businesses to question the success of their current advertising strategies? The irony emanates from the tact shift that was instigated by many to ensure of expedited advertising campaigns, ones that were bereft of ambiguity and ensured automation increased eased the ease of advertising. Amid this shift though toward campaigns that extricate themselves from the unknown or unaccountable, the efficiency and knowledge of where your campaigns are displaying is at the mercy of..

  • Why your company needs TV for awareness
    Why your company needs TV for awareness

    As your company looks for more simplified and engaging marketing content, the number one means of advertising has been neglected COMPANY Policy, posturing, bureaucracy; whatever is stifling your business as you look to create indelible advertising, the shift needs to occur. With the desire to engage your audiences online, given its ability to be the leading harvester of consumers and their data, many businesses have neglected the very means of generating the advertising material that will engrain your business within consumers' memories. Although the overall spend by businesses on TV advertising has stagnated during the last year, the success of..

  • Revitalise your advertising with AD and subs
    Revitalise your advertising with AD and subs

    As you look to establish a stable and lucrative advertising platform, by implementing a more inclusive prerogative you can revitalise your advertising output REVITALISE Your advertising budget and overall approach to it with a more critical and sense driven marketing prerogative: you will yield instant results. With a current tether to your scaled and targeted success with an advertising market that is inherently inhibitive to those who cannot physically access TV or other digital/televisually driven ads. Therefore maximising the very element that can dictate the success of your brand response the most in an increasingly digital world, creativity, fastidiously is..

  • Two ways to make your advertising ethical
    Two ways to make your advertising ethical

    Ethics is a subject that has been contemporarily brandished to change an ailing advertising industry, ensure your brand complies through two simple steps TWO Elements that can transform your advertising direction are tangible for your business through diligent casting and editing. As you look to conciliate a surfeit of ostracised groups within society, the work your business can do as you plan not only your media buying strategy, but the overall dimension of your campaign is simple, but imperative. First of our two measures will be to have a cast that conveys the message you are seeking to employ within..

  • Pay boost for consumers helpful for ads
    Pay boost for consumers helpful for ads

    With staff shortages in myriad industries beginning to drive up pay, your consumers will have more disposable income to spend on your products PAY Has been beleaguered in recent months, maligned by ongoing fiscal uncertainty precipitated by the weakened pound: times are changing. Data released by the Office for National Statistics and a survey by Markit for the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, has revealed that starting salaries for permanent and temporary roles are at 20-month highs. With inflation levels above that of wage increases though with the last few quarters, many financial experts have been left surprised by the findings...

  • Ethical advertising is imperative to sales
    Ethical advertising is imperative to sales

    The presence of ethical procedure in advertising is prevalent, ensuring that it is appropriately used those is imperative to your success. ETHICAL Considerations are more pivotal than ever to the success of your advertising campaigns, how do you deliver them appropriately though? When looking at how to formulate any marketing material or campaign, considerations are made regarding their legality and ensuring that PR is paramount. With advertising one of the worst things you can do as you address your consumers is to pontificate to them, impose rules, regulations, ultimately barriers between them and engaging with your business. Whether you are..

  • Business collaboration imperative to ads
    Business collaboration imperative to ads

    With the perennial battle for supremacy continually evolving, ensuring your business collaboration in ads is visceral and unambiguous is vital BUSINESS Collaboration is something that yields results, lowers costs and increases clarity for your consumers, more businesses need to do it though. Although myriad business join forces to promote their shared values and virtues, doing so on TV is something that is debilitatingly limited. A common trend by many within the industry is to sponsor certain events or occasions that may have been identified as sharing brand values. However diligently the process of selecting these partners is undertaken, the partnerships..

  • Consumer stability ensures DRTV success
    Consumer stability ensures DRTV success

    With interest rates set to remain stagnant once more, the success of your DRTV is protected amidst increasing certainty for your consumer base CONSUMER Spending dominates many a company's decision making process, maximising stability and partnering with financial authorities is vital. With interest rates set to remain at 0.25% for the next quarter, the short and medium term stability for your business and consumers can ensure maximum DRTV impetus. Although pertinent contemporarily, the Bank of England's decision should be heeded through any period of fiscal stability or buoyancy. While not ideal for overall economic growth, the lack of certainty concerning..

  • Nielsen Analytics evolution a boost to ads
    Nielsen Analytics evolution a boost to ads

    With attribution the perennial concern for your business and the quality of brand driven, TV advertising, a seminal moment has passed through Nielsen NIELSEN Has evolved to provide the integrated, intrinsic analytics service that broadcasters have been clamouring for: TV is back. Through the integration that will incorporate the analysis of any increases in website views three and seven days after an ad has been displayed, your business can now visibly view the impact your branded campaigns are enjoying through TV. While previously analytics could at best provide the analysis of your website and compare results with that of pre..

  • Charity partnerships can boost ad sales
    Charity partnerships can boost ad sales

    Your business is constantly striving to lower advertising costs, through the implementation of charity partnerships you can thrive CHARITY Partnerships have long provided mutual benefits to both the charity themselves and the business in partnership: celebrate it. Advertising success is driven by emotive resonance and necessity, therefore by celebrating your virtues and providing joint TV advertising ventures your business can lower costs and provide collective benefits for yourselves and your affiliate. Of course exposing the ideals of any charity that you may come across could be detrimental to your brand and your overall ethos; both your visions have to be..

  • Addressable ads are not always pertinent
    Addressable ads are not always pertinent

    Addressable, interactive and data-driven advertising has revolutionised TV and online, but other factors are more integral to brand building ADDRESSABLE Advertising is providing efficiency and data garnering breakthroughs for myriad businesses worldwide, but it has flaws. When you are looking to brand-build for instance as appose to just generate instant sales, your imperative is to amass scale, reach and emotive resonance; something that is difficult to obtain through targeted advertising. Although vital to ensuring that you are targeting the correct or appropriate individuals whose circumstances pertain to your promotion, within brand building utilising such specific targeting to mould your brand..

  • IMF ruling a reminder to advertising
    IMF ruling a reminder to advertising

    Advertising has perpetually served to boost commerce, but its ability to foster competition and improve standards ensures IMF forecast can change. IMF Forecasts have long been riddled with inaccurate and varied prophecies, what has been certain though is the scope for them to change. Unlike a rigid or terminal diagnosis for instance, your business has an ever evolving and shifting success barometer that is dependent on the power of your marketing, competence of your product or service and quality of your staff. Each is a unique selling point waiting to be used in your marketing, the power of advertising and..

  • Cathartic advertising will facilitate DRTV
    Cathartic advertising will facilitate DRTV

    DRTV and overall response advertising consistently elicits sales; ensuring that you are cathartic for audiences omni-platform is imperative. CATHARTIC Advertising may seem in some instances somewhat of an oxymoron, the notion is vital though in all advertising as you seek to resonate. The delivery of adverts, whether seen to be response driven or brand driven cannot form the guise of sales, disruption or long-form. In an attempt to generate leverage and relevance online, advertisers and brands have resorted to longer ads. Although this may seem pertinent when seeking to embody the metrics that have assisted the elevation and cementation of..

  • Greater Anglia launches new TV commercial
    Greater Anglia launches new TV commercial

    Greater Anglia are utilising TV once more to showcase their latest advertising campaign, what's changed though GREATER ANGLIA have released their latest TV advertising campaign after collaborating with Space City and agency, Jacob Bailey. Having released seasonal campaigns in the past utilising the renowned creative flair of the eponymous production stalwarts, the Dutch company returned once more to the Hammersmith-based production company, via the aforementioned Jacob Bailey. Combining a live-action-shoot and animation, the creative conceptualises Greater Anglia's campaign name: let the adventure begin, through the escapist immersion provided by the impression of a train running underwater. Proceeding previous campaigns under..

  • Linear advertising will increase your costs
    Linear advertising will increase your costs

    Linear advertising has perennially been associated with TV, however with online having asserted its authority it has also increased your costs LINEAR Advertising online fundamentally is insidiously working to undermine your brand and will weaken resonation, trust and increase advertising costs. Here's how. With the relentless clamour for accountability, measurability and transparency that online could offer in abundance when compared to TV, many flocked to its shores knowing their jobs could be made easier, not necessarily more rewarding. Of course individual gratification besides, your business is heavily compromised by just online campaigns, whether PPC, banner or video. As explored in..

  • Adverts: Why do we watch TV?
    Adverts: Why do we watch TV?

    Adverts continue to cause contention, inspire and dictate consumer feeling, being impactful though need not be fraught with difficulty. ADVERTS Are essential for any business as they seek to absorb and immerse a consumer within a brand or product, research though reveals simplistic truths. Ultimately in the pursuit of accountability, measurability and granular data, myriad businesses have migrated away from the calm and safe shores of TV to the more controlled, yet turbulent confides of online. While online undoubtably provides unprecedented depths of information about consumers, ensuring that targeting can evolve in real-time to provide programmatic and complimentary solutions for..

  • ASA move will improve advertising success
    ASA move will improve advertising success

    The ASA has moved to expedite the ailing efforts of advertisers to eliminate stereotyping, will it disrupt or compliment though? THE ASA has taken the step to propose banning orders on certain ads that fail to address the existence of stereotypes; it has much to consider though. With the continuing clamour of businesses to have ads that are guaranteed to succeed and is verified through data and pretested means, the progression of it in the mainstream has been limited during the current century. While relative success is achieved an endemic has spread that is averse to any advertising experimentation, with..

  • Pretesting is vital for TV advertising
    Pretesting is vital for TV advertising

    Pretesting has been increasingly maligned amid the rising dependancy on data and the power of search, jettisoning it completely though would be detrimental PRETESTING Remains an imperative force behind advertising, despite its inherently emotive averse tendencies that has seen it alienate ads. Ultimately the thought process needs to begin long before: what programming or content would our brand be best situated with? The questions that need to be raised prior to any consideration to ad placement is: how are  viewers being compelled to watch certain content? Whether that be via SVOD, or through standard programming. If viewers of a certain..

  • Adtease will ensure increased affirmation
    Adtease will ensure increased affirmation

    Adtease is a concept seldom used within the advertising world, employing it though elicits resounding results ADTEASE or segregating your advertising creative into smaller, palatable segments can ensure maximised retention, awareness and sales potential. Although not an entirely original concept for advertising, your own interoperation of it can provide your business with the emotive platform to instil long-term resonance and advertising efficiency. For instance the adoption of characters, or at least a narrative that is not closed at end branding has been successfully employed by Compare The Market and the accompanying meerkats. While e-commerce brands such as Compare The Market..

  • Trailfinders appoint Space City as creative agency
    Trailfinders appoint Space City as creative agency

    EPONYMOUS Travel giants Trailfinders have appointed Space City as the creative agency for their forthcoming TV advertising campaign. The company which provides bespoke itineraries for customers looking to travel worldwide will be advertising on TV for the first time in 25 years, utilising the creative work of the UK's most experienced production company. Since being founded in 1970 the London-based business have expanded from four-members-of-staff to currently employ over 1,000. Space City themselves have an extensive travel showreel, boasting Villa Plus, Teletext Holidays, Scenic Tours and Titan Travel amidst their advertising portfolio. The latest foray into TV for Trailfinders will..

  • Regressive advertising is coming to an end
    Regressive advertising is coming to an end

    Advertising across online has begun to desecrate pre-eminant stereotypes, now TV is beginning to liberate itself from regressive tendancies. REGRESSIVE Advertising is gradually being expelled from the creatives that serve the success of your brand and consumer thought processes. Historically and contemporaneously advertising has held the ability to influence consumer thought, whether that be through the impulse buying or through brand affirmation. TV has long held the leveraging forces - or superior ones at least - that have secured prolonged sales growth for myriad companies, however with social perceptions changing and the very stereotypes that have dominated the creative tacts..

  • How to create a true advertising meritocracy
    How to create a true advertising meritocracy

    Advertising across the entire spectrum is firmly out of touch with the wider public: how to create a true meritocracy. MERITOCRACY: something that has been championed, peddled and reiterated as a staple of society as a whole has yet to permeate into advertising. Although wider society is proven to be more socially liberal than in previous generations, the state of advertising does not reflect a society accepting of diversity and social progress. While the recapitulation of many a previously coined idiom pertains itself to advertising, in hope of securing resonance through ubiquity, consumers will not be as receptive compared to..

  • Diversity in advertising: why so long?
    Diversity in advertising: why so long?

    Diversity is continually providing a fairer reflection of society across professional faculties, where does advertising stand? DIVERSITY In advertising has been perilously neglected and ostracised amidst a wave of data-driven, digitally enthused success: change is afoot. While many in the industry - 97% according to a study by Unilever - utilise women in positions of leadership or management, a paradigm shift is emerging. With the ability consumers have to impart their disapproval of something through social media now so ubiquitous, the data businesses and analysts can gather now is stark in comparison to the pre-social era. Some ads may have..

  • Confusing advertising needs to stop
    Confusing advertising needs to stop

    When advertising should be emotive and affirming, some brands are producing confusing ads. CONFUSING Advertising has continued to proliferate the TV screens, search engines and social media pages of myriad consumers nationwide: it has to stop. When we should be enchanting the minds of consumers across all advertising channels, many are persisting to offer jargon enthused deals that ultimately serve only to alienate and quell any emotive resonance that may have occurred. Tone and body language of course provide the scope for your ads to organically leverage a cognitive response; not as a result of language, but the manner in..

  • Programmatic can work for branded ads
    Programmatic can work for branded ads

    Advertising is in the midst of yet another paradigm shift, programmatic could now be more lucrative PROGRAMMATIC Advertising is in the ascendency across all media and ad platforms, harnessing it to work for branded ads though is possible. While it continues to be successfully utilised as a means of eliciting optimal, efficient short-term sales increases, it has failed in the case of online to provide a reliable means of hosting branded ads. Given the myriad scandals transcending programmatic related - but not derived - issues, it has lead many businesses to question the merits of the means of advertising, with..

  • Create great adverts without the costs
    Create great adverts without the costs

    CREATE Ads that are not necessarily the most prompting, but original and you can enjoy the power of TV advertising for less. While TV in terms of cost-effectiveness, reach and overall sales elicitation firmly leads the way, the latest online optimisation software that has provided advertising solutions to TV advertising stalwarts is improving efficiency. A recent study by GoCompare compared the cost-effectiveness of utilising TV in its burgeoning programmatic guise and through online, the difference though was the ability to source those who would not have access to TV. This process conducted by Collective using their TV Accelerator software could..

  • Christmas really can be everyday in ads
    Christmas really can be everyday in ads

    CHRISTMAS Is perpetually the time where businesses in their droves will seek to secure a culturally symbolic ad that embodies the entire period. While this time represents the periods where businesses and advertisers revert to a more traditional, linear, brand-driven tact when it comes to their marketing, it highlights a fundamental failing within advertising: why don't businesses attempt to deploy similar tactics throughout the rest of year? From a pragmatic point-of-view it is the exorbitant outlay of producing the ad that may inhibit some from producing a similarly derived creative within the same year, however given the leverage advertising carries..