Difference between Direct Response TV Advertising and Brand Response TV Advertising

8th February 2016

Direct response TV advertising and brand response TV commercials have improved businesses across all industries, improving customer aquisition results by integrating both, but they often do not.

Modern advertising has changed and companies often don’t have the time or resources to keep up with the ever-evolving world of TV advertising.

This is where Space City steps in. With years of experience in TV ad production, we have worked with some of the UK’s biggest names to create some of the most memorable adverts and they have helped many brands become household names.

So just what is the difference between direct response and brand response TV advertising, and which one would benefit your company the most?

Brand response TV advertising

Brand advertisements serve the purpose of building brand awareness. Rather than promoting a specific product, they focus on getting the name of you company out in to the media and in to the minds of your intended audience. A brand response TV advert gives you the opportunity to tell the story of your brand; where you came from and what values you promote. This type of TV commercial production aims to encourage viewers to find you brand online or on the supermarket shelves and see for themselves what all the fuss is about. Brand response TV advertising will suit any business that is just starting out and needs to create some brand awareness quickly. You can use this type of TV advert to get your name and brand image out into the mind of the public as you look to secure your footing within the market place.

Direct response TV advertising

Direct response TV advertising focuses more on individual products and encouraging your audience to take immediate action. Using powerful calls to action, these types of adverts look to encourage viewers to get involved in social media chatter, take advantage of an offer or buy your product the next time they are in the shops. This type of advert is ideal for businesses that already have an established brand and want to focus on the launch of a new product or offer.

Best of both

While both brand and direct response TV advertising have their merits, they work very well together as part of a marketing strategy. Use brand response TV advertising to create awareness and then direct response TV advertising to create need and urgency. If you would like to talk to an advertising expert who can help you with TV ad production, then call us here at Space City and we will work with you to create a TV advert campaign guaranteed to bring in results.

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