How to make a TV advert

13th July 2018

There’s a lot more to it than grabbing a camera and using catchy slogan, so: how do you make a TV advert?

TV Advert production is something that needs to be approached with diligence if your business is to succeed, but how do you produce the perfect advert?

Decide how you want your brand to be perceived in your advert

Above all else; before the decision on where you will broadcast an advert; before any creative decisions are taken; decide the emotions you want to convey in your advertising and how you can ensure of the same context across your business.

A consumer will trust your business more if your ads are consistent and seek to appeal on an emotional level, which also carries benefits pertaining to memorability and long-term success.

Therefore having a decision taken by your collective marketing team regarding brand perception is imperative before any pre-production is undertaken – of course, at this stage you can get agency/production company input into what direction may help on TV or VOD.

Choosing an advert production company or agency

When selecting the company to assist your business through the ineffably important process of advertising to consumers, your desired KPIs from those who pitch to you need to cover the following: previous industry experience; ability to offer full-service delivery; no requirement for outsourcing; success in your industry and an ability to produce brand and direct response commercials.

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Finding an advert production company you like is as crucial as finding one that has been successful.

Once a company has pitched to you, the decision needs to include a degree of emotion – you need to have rapport with your production company or agency.

If the ideas seem aesthetically attractive, but offer little or no business rationale behind it; look to other ideas or companies.

An proposal should not be accepted because of just what you like about it, but what is effective about it.

Clearing your advert concept for broadcast

When scripting and preparing your initial ideas — if your production company does not suggest otherwise — you should ensure that all suggested directions are cleared by Clearcast.

Although an advert will need to be cleared after filming in broadcast and rough cut form, ensuring that an initial concept is approved is vital before commencing any production planning and filming.

Ads have been filmed in the past and found the concepts are incompatible with TV or most desired broadcast slots – wasting time, money and pivotal marketing periods that could have been integral to a particular product/services promotion.

Preparing for the shoot

Depending on your creative direction, you may need actors, certain filming licenses, thus contracts that would need to be agreed prior to filming.

It may not be known how many times your business intends to broadcast your ad, nevertheless having the licenses that either compliment short-term usage or potential long-term success is key.

For artists, you can choose between a lifetime buyout, or one based on individual broadcasts – for brand ads, lifetime is recommended.

Where locations are concerned, having contingency plans should circumstances change; the weather changes course, or there are potential issues that could arise for crew and artists, is of huge importance.

Insurance will protect you in this case, but where timings are concerned, having plenty of time to mitigate any issues regarding your desired broadcast slots is key and should be considered objectively.

Whether abroad or not, making sure all your crew are pencilled for the shoot is key; general etiquette usually allows for as much flexibility as possible in these situations, therefore committing crew as early as possible should be a priority in pre-production.

Shooting your advert and preparing for post-production

On shoot day, most matters should proceed seamlessly according to the meticulous plans of your production company, but ensuring of your attendance on the day of any shoot or edit — should it be merely a reedit of stock footage — will help align your brand values to the creative input of an editor or director.

Shooting in the highest resolution possible should be recommended, with at least one back-up of the files stored to protect your newly filmed marketing collateral.

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Keep your advert safe from disaster with multiple backups. This will support any insurance claims.

Editing your advert and preparing for broadcast

If you did have a shoot, having your director present in the edit with you will be vital in you conceptualising your ideas comprehensively.

Although your editor should do this as a prerequisite, ensure that they edit the commercial in a lower resolution first, before applying any after effects, grades and other graphics tweaks.

Once you have a rough cut of your commercial, you should send this to Clearcast for approval and amends – having substantiation at all times is crucial for an expedited advert delivery.

With everything approved, final online edits can take place and broadcast copies prepared for their delivery to stations.

If you want to save money on transmission cost — which is additional to any production costs — sending your advert via Sky AdSmart means you only need to send one clock per version – although this form of advertising is not recommended for mass brand building.

Your advert is finished!

With your ad completed, you are ready to reap the rewards of TV advertising.

Whether you are advertising on traditional TV, VOD or via addressable means, the diversifying means of marketing that is TV is providing unrivalled ROI: now is the time for your business to enjoy its fair share of sales success.

Space City has been delivering TV, online and radio advertising productions for over 25 years, working with businesses like Nestlé, Moonpig, Karcher, GoCompare and Wowcher to improve their fortunes.

Contact the team now and find out how cost effective TV advertising can be thanks to the unrivalled prowess of TV and Space City’s award-winning delivery.

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