Miracle Gro launches new TV advert

1st May 2018

Miracle Gro has returned to TV advertising with its first advert produced by Space City, but what creative direction did the award-winners take?

MIRACLE Gro has launched its latest TV advert with Space City, with the synonymous lawn care brand showcasing its Patch Magic product.

With a brief to produce a series of 10 and 20-second versions of a creative set around several common, garden-based scenarios, the award-winning production company utilised a destructive dog, football-playing children and the same artists on a swing.

The American company’s new TV commercial was filmed in its entirety within a one-day-shoot, at a domestic London location.

Creative Director of the advert, Andrew Mitchell, was delighted with the final commercials. He enthused: “Experienced ad people know to avoid both kids and animals in any TV production, let alone shooting outside in April in the UK!

“However, faced with our Idea – called ‘Freeze’- for Miracle-Gro’s Patch Magic lawn repairer, Space City did not bat an eyelid.
“True to form, meticulous preparation with options for all eventualities led by senior producer Nadia, coupled with an excellent ‘can do’ director in Peter Clapperton,
made the journey reassuring, enjoyable and certainly successful.
“With an armoury of 1×20” and 3×10” strong, simple TV commercials behind a compelling
product proposition — and all wrapped up in family fun with good performances — rightly earned our client’s high praise in the UK and their
European and US HQs – a job very well done.”

Each scenario exposed the numerous, seemingly innocuous activities that cause damage to grass, with the problem-solution tack taken to induce response, while the use of jingles, artist emotion and editing was implemented to incite memorability and resonance.

The contrast in actor emotion was key to the success of the ad and its development as a narrative; through the initial exasperation and resulting satisfaction ensuring that potential consumers could relate emotionally to the story told, Space City could empower those watching the ad through the creative direction taken.

Cost-effective TV advertising for Patch Magic from Space City
Miracle Gro has returned to TV advertising with the help of cost-effective production company, Space City.

Shot choices, too helped leverage the disambiguation of any doubts surrounding sufficient contrast, with identical shots used before and after the Patch Magic product was applied – reiterating the Miracle Gro brand.

Augmenting those creative decisions to the editing direction ensured of a seamless and succinct cache of adverts, which could provide a cost-effective brand response solution that could optimise long-term efficiency and response tracking.

Miracle Gro’s Patch Magic product is comprised of a formula of seed, feed and coir, with its virtues showcased across all the creatives.

The varying versions will be deployed internationally by Miracle Gro, with the advertising production refraining from the use of sync-sound to avoid any added costs, which could be incurred through the creation of foreign language versions and subsequent edits – not necessary through the direction chosen, however.

The 10 and 20-second versions will play out on channels across Sky, ITV and Channel 4.

With costs reduced and creative consistency delivered across each of the versions, Space City’s TV advert showcasing Patch Magic is equipped to foster further success for the world-renowned brand.

Click here now to watch the new Miracle Gro TV advert and find out how Space City delivered an organic take on a synonymous horticultural business.

Find out more about Space City and its award-winning, cost-effective advertising at spacecity.co.uk.

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