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23rd February 2017

REACHING More customers than you have previously targeted has never been easier thanks to the latest targeting, innovations and display models.

Throughout the continual rise of digital and the measurability and accountability that online advertising offers, TV has continued to lend itself to those impressed by the merits of digital.

The overall cost has been a barrier to many businesses though, with budgets being continually squeezed given the versatility of online advertising platforms presenting hitherto known convenience to marketeers.

TV has always been successful at growing businesses though and channeling new customers in a more cost-effective fashion, compared with any other advertising medium, not simply online.

For instance 62 per cent of ads on TV will make your consumer base laugh, moreover 52 per cent of of commercials that have emotion at their base enjoy the the successful business effects.

This does not always entail instant sales increases, but instead maintains your brand presence in your potential consumer’s mind for longer.

Online as a singular premise is not as effective as TV in accruing new custom.

TV and online together will assist your business in reaching more customers.
TV and online together will assist your business in reaching more customers.

The success of online has been so vast due to its ability to target specific people, which is not going to assist in upscaling your business.

Reaching out to individuals who fall outside your target demographics can only be achieved cost-effectively and efficiently through TV.

Online is extremely efficient at targeting those already interested in products or services that relate to your business, however the latest iterations of TV ad tech ensure you are reaching essentially free spots and impressions.

Addressable advertising is becoming increasingly popular, not just with start-ups and SMEs, but a growing quota of established entities are enjoying their forays into digitised TV advertising.

Home Retail Group have already accrued sales increases of £7 million from Sky AdSmart, which targets specific individuals who may have been previous customers or were within Sky’s own media inventory.

Of course recycling previous customers is beneficial, but ultimately does not assist with upscaling and appealing to new clients.

The breakthrough with AdSmart though is to marry multiple audience segments, therefore varying demographics, previous spending habits for instance, with the specific campaign and show that would compliment that particular consumer’s interests at that time.

Thus broadcast slots would not be purchased directly, instead the forever evolving algorithms that situate your campaign at the optimum time for appropriation, would automate your campaign and spend innately.

Such an innovation has facilitated multiple platforms for upscaling and prolonged sales growth.

Traditionally the only way to fragment your campaigns to appeal to different audiences was to buy more airtime, leading to ruinous expense and reduced cost-effectiveness.

Although this practise can still be repeated, other traits of advertising can lend themselves to upscaling: producing commercials for both TV and online and entertaining your audience.

Ultimately regardless of whether you produce a campaign that is engineered towards certain individuals at different times, the long-term business effects are found through brand based advertising.

Specifically composed music lends itself to reiterating or establishing a brand identity, while popular, contemporary music does so for larger companies looking to upscale.

Whether your tact is budget dependant or company size driven, you can achieve the most successful business results through achieving fame and resonating emotively with your consumers.

Ads that use this model to underpin their advertising yield 58% increases in overall business from the pre-commercial stage.

Of course to deliver in times where your company hierarchy are seeking instant measurability and accountability for ad spend, running targeted campaigns that focus on these metrics will deliver real-time analysis.

However should you not be looking for the instant accountability, or a risk averse approach, utilising programmatic advertising or traditional mass media buying is still incomparably effective.

The most successful TV ad of 2016 produced by John Lewis utilised a generic stance to its media buying, looking to upscale through entertainment, not previous habits.

From a politcal viewpoint, Donald Trump won several swing-states in the recent Presidential Election thanks to targeting those who had not previously supported his campaign.

By reaching and entertaining new consumers, you can create the most cost-effective ad platform.
By reaching and entertaining new consumers, you can create the most cost-effective ad platform.

By using metrics that had targeted those not previously privy to his campaign, he saturated the market to win- it was more costly, but achieved the ultimate ROI.

Thus to upscale your business in the most cost-effective manner in the long-term, produce brand centric advertising that focuses on reaching as many people as possible.

This has been inexplicably underused by many businesses as they advertise, not so much in their targeting and ad spend, but the nature of their creative- it needs to be shareable online.

TV campaigns that are supplemented by online- in terms of a collaborative creative- are twice as effective in generating long-term business effects.

Therefore as you seek further ROI and KPI achievement, whether that be subscribers, social media likes, engagement or actual sales, by adding entertainment and a change that targets new consumers will pay dividends.

Space City enjoys successful relationships with media buyers like Guerillascope to maximise your campaign and media buying, reaching out to new consumers.

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